Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Has been a quiet few days. Watered the garden - will try to upload a couple of pictures of the first sweet peas of the season - just could not resist. Spent a few hours sitting outside enjoying the sun - sure does feel good - especially considering that it is only January - again could not resist. Mish mish is turning into quite the little hunter - not that he has caught anything - but he does the skulking quite well - the first few times he went out he did not venture far from the door - but he is now quite content to wander all over the balcony. Poor thing is going to get used to having all this space and then he will be living in a smallish apartment with no balcony to speak of - poor thing. Must admit on one hand I will miss him and on the other not so much. Still cannot sleep very well with him on me - and he does like to sleep on me. He is also getting quite vocal - as only a siamese can - chills up my spine - I think he is missing his sister - but he certainly is affectionate - loves to sit on you when you are sitting down - and do not dare to read - he will wind his way to sitting in front of the book. I also do not like the fact that he follows me around - I invariably end up stepping on him or kicking him.

This is a picture of one of the 'cactus' blooms - quite spectacular.

Mish mish enjoying the sun

Today I went and got my hair cut - not nearly as good a job as when Virginia did it in Creston - but for 20 LE ($4) what the heck - and it grows - and I am fortunate that my hair has enough curl that it hides a multitude of sins.

Tomorrow I am going to have company over for supper - so made a carrot cake tonight - will make spanakopita and bruschetta as hors'doerves (or however you spell it) and 'shake'n'bake' chicken, fettucine alfredo and salad or maybe beans - and then the carrot cake for dessert.

Kitchen looks like another cyclone hit it - why is cooking so messy. Not a lot more to report - weather has been nice - although it was sounding really bad out there about 30 minutes ago - really windy. Do not like the wind - glad that I have the fancy new window in my bedroom - at least it is sealed well and there is no whistling noises.

Tomorrow I will make the spanakopita and the bruschetta as well as the shake'n'bake mix. Sigh - I can just see the mess - oh well - gives me something to do - LOL.
The following is a picture that I promised awhile ago - the cauliflower at the market.

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Lynn said...

Your dinner party menu sounds FABULOUS!!! Yum!
I must admit...Mish Mish is a pretty cat!

I had to chuckle at ALL THOSE Satellite dishes sitting a top the roof tops behind your cactus bloom. LOL!

*sigh* I can only imagine the nice WARM feeling with the sun over there.