Friday, January 16, 2009

I have not said anything about what is going on in Palestine because I truly do not 'get' what is going on - and I refuse to watch the interminable news reports about it - do catch a glimpse once in awhile - just makes me so sad. Man's inhumanity to man. But there has been lots being said in the groups that I belong to - I just peruse and delete for the most part. But the following was posted and I found it very interesting - kind of follows my thoughts on the 'mess'.

Today has been a quiet day. Did a load of laundry -actually started it washing last night - so I hung it up today - have yet to bring it it - may just leave it 'til tomorrow.

Chatted with Aymn for a bit - not sure why I bother - I usually end up more frustrated by the end of the conversation. ARGH. He still has not idea when he will be heading back - I truly believe he is much happier being in Libya - no one to deal with - life is much easier there than it is here.

Now I am trying to figure out when I can have a dinner party to return the hospitality of Ron and Angela. And also what to serve - nothing I make is all that 'classy' - I am into just ordinary food - have been perusing the internet - so far nothing has struck my fancy. Aymn figures I should wait until he is back - but I would rather do it on my own - I think it would be much less stressful - as I do not need him running around 'picking up and putting away' or critiquing what I am serving - because I would not be serving an Egyptian style meal with at least two meat dishes, two carbs, and various other veggies. He really struggles with this concept that you have rice, potatoes or pasta - not two or three of them - and of course I have had to wean him from his having to have bread at every meal as well - I am so mean.

Will be heading to the souk tomorrow to get more veggies - think I will get lots of tomatoes and make some spaghetti sauce - then I do not have to buy any - and it is always nice to have some around. Then on Sunday I am heading to Carrefour and Fathalla - need to make up my mind about when and what I will serve - will get the groceries then.

I am heading to a cup of hot lemon and honey - my voice is really gruff today. Will endeavour to get to bed fairly early - hope I can get some sleep.


Lynn said...

Thanks for that link Maureen! It's all been confusing to me too. The bottom line is sadness for me. So sad that man cannot learn to share this HUGE vast piece of ground we all share and live on called EARTH.

That dinner party you are planning sounds like a GREAT idea! And so fun! Good luck!

Michele said...

This cold of yours is lasting a long time. Hope you get well soon. You sound a bit off. I hope you perk up soon. Go for a walk- that usually helps me.

on the edge said...

Hope you feel much better real soon baby cakes !

Sounds like you are sticking to your guns on the food issues and I am so proud of you for it !!

Tell Mr. to dam the torpedoes and you move ahead full speed ! LOL !Makes you wonder why you didn't stay here in Tripoli huh,sometimes .

A dinner party sounds like a lovely idea and I am sure that anything you cook will be wonderful as you are a great cook ! Let us know what your menu will be ok ? Didi you get those bookcases after all ? Am so sorry you lost your buddy . That is the bad thing about making friends here , many times they move away just as you start to love them !It's enough to make you become a hermit !!! LOL !