Wednesday, July 23, 2008

As promised - as soon as I received my dining room set I said I would take pictures and put them on the blog. It was delivered today - the first picture is of the whole set - I still would like another piece - would like a side board - will see if we have space - must admit I had gotten used to having an empty space when you walked into the apartment - now it is looking quite congested - SIGH. The hutch has only two shelves in it - I have requested another 3 - as the things I want to keep in it are not that tall - would rather have three more shelves - and if I need I can ditch one of them - nice to finally have place to displaythe few knick knacks that I brought with me from Canada - and of course I have collected a few since arriving here in Egypt.

The second photo is of the table - I specifically told Aymn I did not want a chunk of glass covering it - but of course the carpenter knows better what I like than I do. The whole set is a bit more 'ornate' than I would have liked - I look at all the fancy work and I see dust collectors - but again - what do I know. I also requested that the wood be stained a very light colour if at all - would rather have just had it natural - but again - what do I know. I just find that with having the ceramic tile so dark - it makes for a very dark area. Ah well - all in all I am quite pleased.

Was quite the production to get the table up to the apartment - they had to bring it up over the balcony as it would not fit into the elevator and the stairwell was much too narrow for it to fit - there are a few scuff marks - but apparently someone will be coming to fix at these - we will see.

All of the other pieces were brought up the stairs - someone refused to allow them to use the elevator - although the only things that would fit into the elevator would have been the chairs and the shelves for the cabinet.

So, there you have it friends and family - I am finally in possession of a dining room set.

Next is an entertainment centre and some bookcases - would love to get my books out of boxes and out so I could see them. Hopefully this decade.

Friday, July 04, 2008

My computer is working - for the moment - have been having computer issues for a couple of weeks - grrrr. And of course Aymn is in Libya - where else.

I have not been posting because I have been struggling - with a lot of things - need some time to myself - at home (and this is not home) where I can get some perspective. Right now I am hating being in Egypt. I am heading back to Canada on August 6 - when I booked my ticket there was a seat available on June 25 - but I had committed to being here until Aymn came back from Libya - grrr - wish I could just break my word - seems to be the norm around here - but I kept it - so am 'stuck' here for another monh. I will be in Canada for a little over two months - of course that will depend on decisions that I make while at home.

I celebrated my birthday on June 2 - my dining room furniture was to be delivered- needless to say it is still not here - not holding my breath for it to appear before I head back to Canada - and Aymn got shirty when he told me it would be delivered for my birthday and I shot back 'What year?' - go figure.

I have completed the chemotherapy on my face - had to apply some fancy cream which halted the burn of the chemo - and my face is looking much better - still a bit pink where the chemo burned away the skin - but not too bad.

Summer has started here - meaning it is very busy - traffic is even crazier than usual because we now have lots of 'tourists' here and they are even worse drivers - mainly because they do not know where they are going - so it is even more of a challenge. I really hate driving now - there are lots more vehicles and a lot more pedestrians darting across the street - would be interesting to know if anyone keeps track of the pedestrian fatalities in this country.

Aymn spends most of his time in Libya - I keep track - and since the beginning of December - on average - I see him for 3 days a month - not exactly what I signed up for - so......

Not a lot is going on in my life - I spend most of my time at home - alone - so not much to report - I do not do a lot that requires reporting.

Looking forward to my sanity break in Canada - spending time with friends and family.