Friday, December 03, 2010

I truly do need to learn the lesson of being very careful what one asks for.  I asked for more hours and I am getting them - good for the bank account - not so great for the body - but what doesn't kill me will make me stronger - I am hoping the latter will occur and not the former.

Yesterday I got a call to come in earlier than my 10:00 report time - only problem was that I was baking - so finished baking and went in.  I was told I was going to do Rover 5 - which is a step van and you deliver parcels in the downtown area - oh oh - I have never driven one of the step vans - GULP - and I do not know the downtown area at all.  Went and picked up the van at the Riedel office and then drove to the Hardin office to pick up the parcels - don't ask.  Made it okay.  Got there and the person they had asked to help had scanned all the parcels - and had not separated the parcels that require signature and those that didn't - ARGH - oh well - no biggie - then the really bad news - we were not going to have a scanner - we were going to have 18 pages of IBD sheets - with the numbers on them - in no order - and we had to find the parcels that required signature and have the person sign on the appropriate space - OMG - the day got progressively worse - I was nervous about driving the step van and my team mate made me even more nervous about it - so I was doing things that I usually do not do - like forgetting to take off the parking brake - trying to put the vehicle in gear before starting it - and it just kept getting 'better' - he had to leave by 3:15 so he could make a doctor's appointment.  Got back to the depot with about 65% of the parcels still in the van - I felt like crying - what a loser - but everyone kept telling me it would get better - RIGHT.

Today I phoned in at 6:30 and asked Fay if I could be assigned to Rover 5 with Sylvie (the regular driver) because I felt so badly leaving so many parcels behind and also so I could learn the route better.  Fay said sure - but I had to be at work by 9 - and Marian had wanted me to do something with her this morning - unfortunately work trumped getting her pictures for her passport and signing them - I am her guarantor.  Must admit the day went much better having the 'boss' around who knew what she was doing - we were finished and back to the Depot by 4:20 - and then I got to leave work - because there was no time to do RTS - have a funny feeling I will be stuck with RTS tomorrow - but that is all right - at least I have a glimmer of an idea of how to do Rover 5.

Got home earlier than usual and have started making split pea soup - have the ham bone in the water simmering - will leave it simmering overnight and then tomorrow before I head to work will put the onions and the split peas in and let it simmer for the day - Marian will be home for a part of the day.

Marian is planning on heading out to her friend's place - there is a Christmas Bazaar in Smokey Lake that they are going to participate in on Saturday - I am not sure what I am going to do - have been invited along - would like to partake of the bazaar - but would like to stay home and get some more baking ready for Christmas - must admit this business of working sure does cut into my prep time.    So I have yet to make up my mind - do I or don't I - would like to go as I have not been out of Fort McMurray since the beginning of July and the break might do me good - but .....

And on that note I bid you adieu.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

'Tis 7:04 a.m. on a beautiful day here in Fort McMurray.  Have a pot of soup started - tomatoes, onions and celery are stewing.  Have been outside - hence the reason I know it is beautiful outside - and shovelled - we had a bit of snow last night - wanted to get it shovelled before it got packed down - wore just my fleece indoor jacket - and am sweating like a horse - shovelled Marian's walks - and two of her neighbours front walk.  Little bit of exercise - always a good thing.  Now next thing on the list is to roll and cut and bake the shortbread dough that I made a couple of days ago.  So - off to the kitchen I go. 

Supposed to be at work at 10 a.m. today - will be interesting to see what I end up doing.