Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well I took my camera with my yesterday and did not even take it out of my purse - OMG - the showroom was fantastic. What I will do though is take pics of what I purchased - yes I broke the bank and bought a few things - a few wee gifts for my nieces and just some things for those OMG I forgot occasions. I was very bad and bought myself a set of candle stick holders - they are so pretty - will look so nice on my dining room table when I entertain or in the buffet or hutch - OK - in my dreams I know they will look wonderful.

Today I have done 4 loads of laundry - stripped my bed and even have it all made up again. Was going to have a baking frenzy - until I realized that the butter I wanted to use for the whipped shortbread was in the freezer - oops - but I did get busy and make springerle - rolled them - cut them and they are 'curing' overnight - so hope to bake them first thing tomorrow morning and then onward and upward. Got all the recipes out - so I am good to go. I also dragged out my Christmas CD's and started grooving - LOL - must admit I find it tough to get into Christmas baking when the temperature is 22 above and there is not a speck of snow anywhere - but I will persevere.

Phoned about the windows - they are to be delivered today after 6 - not sure if they are coming here or where - and then they will be installed tomorrow or Saturday at the latest - I am sooo excited.

My finger is getting much better - not nearly as swollen - I can now get my ring off. I kept it covered all day yesterday - did not even uncover it last night - uncovered it this morning - looks much better - so have it covered again - will uncover it tonight - I think. Bites on my back are coming along - have not had any new ones for a few days - so here is hoping. Must admit that Monday and Tuesday were very painful days - being fully clothed did not do much the bites - they do not like having things rubbing on them - go figure. So today I am wearing just one of my old dresses from Canada - and so far much better.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Here is a picture of what my back looks like - what a mess - sure do wish I could find the bug that is enjoying me so much - but I never seem to be able to locate the hungry buggers. The second picture is of a bite on my leg - this is how it starts - and then because my back is covered with clothes the blisters break and weep and scab and are getting quite painful actually - must admit it is not much fun.

Yesterday I did manage to clean up my kitchen - found the top of the table and the counters as well. Did two loads of laundry and cleaned up the bathroom - and by 6:30 p.m. I was absolutely wiped out. Must admit this business of being continually uncomfortable is quite wearing - I will be very glad when I feel much better.

Today I am off to Club - then tomorrow I am heading to Cairo - shhhh Aymn does not know. We are going on a tour of the Asfour Crystal Plant - it is a small group - I think there are only 10 of us - so it should be lots of fun - I am looking forward to it - although I am not keen on dressing and going out - because of course my back makes a real mess of whatever I am wearing - SIGH. But I am going to do the best I can to enjoy myself. Will try to take pics and share them with you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

As promised here are more pics. This is a pic of Mom and Dad on the ferry crossing the Suez Canal.

This is a picture taken at Balbaa on Dad's birthday - all the food - YUMMMM.

Picture of Dad blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. Side note - I was very surprised - Aymn actually liked the cake - whined because I did not make it for him for his birthday - told him if he was with me on his birthday I would make him the cake. I will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

And last but not least - a pic of 'the finger' on the mend. Before this it had been a nice purple colour - what a f'n mess. Still is swollen - weeping all over the place - cannot yet straighten or bend it - so pretty much useless.

Friday, November 23, 2007

OK OK - I give. I will endeavour to post. I have been struggling to get through all my email - had over 750 at the top - and of course having my computer not cooperate does not help much - I have internet and then I don't - like yesterday I did not have access to the internet all day. And then my left middle finger is a frickn mess - was quite concerned that I was going to actually have to go see a doctor about it - but today it is looking better. It is such a mess - have to be careful or it oozes all over the keyboard - took a pic so you could see it. It is so swollen there is no way I can take my ring off - that was a bit disturbing. Was really really ugly - all purple and swollen - yuck, yuck.

While Mom and Dad were here we went to Marsa Matrouh for a short visit - drove up one day - spent the night and then headed back the next day - I did all the driving as Aymn was still suffering from his concussion - only negative things was the mosquitoes - OMG - they were atrocious. We rented an apartment and got eaten alive - I had lots and lots of bits - as did my dad - mom got a few but they drew the line at munching on Aymn - go figure.

Sharon, Mom and Dad and I drove to Port Said - did it all in one day - unfortunately my right foot objected mightily - unfortunately Sharon suffered from motion sickness - not sure why - after all the roads here in Egypt are all smooth like glass - NOT. But we managed to find our way to the ferry where we crossed the Suez Canal to Port Faoud - drove around for a bit and then headed back to the ferry - and get this - the ferry was FREE - yes you read it right - FREE. We stopped at Pizza Hut for a meal and then headed back to Alex. Unfortunately we took a bit of a wrong turn - got off the main highway - and ended up taking a scenic tour - unfortunately the driver was not really thrilled - I do not like driving at night in this country - but we made it home safe and sound after a few misses.

Mom and Dad and I went to the Old Christian graveyard - such a shame that vandals have destroyed so much - there were markers there from the 1880's - we did a quick jaunt through the Greek Orthodox cemetery - very different - and then Aymn took us to the 'cemetery' where his dad is buried - again very different.

We did manshea twice - once in the evening - then we went back a week or so later - Mom had seen some fabric - but of course we did not find the shop - did not really have enough time to do much searching.

On November 14 Aymn treated my dad and us to a fish dinner at Balbaa. It was very very good. We had fish, shrimp, calamari and my dad had a crab. After dinner we returned home and had cake and ice cream. I had made the traditional Myers birthday cake. Chocolate cake with cooked frosting. All in all it was a good day.

My computer has been in the shop - had to have a new hard drive installed - and still it does not work - must admit it is very frustrating - but welcome to Egypt.

Monday we headed to Cairo - we had planned on going in on Sunday and spending the day visiting Safa and her family and staying at a hotel - but there was nary a hotel to be found - the only one we found that had space was $250 USD a night - and dad said no way - so we stared out at 1:45 a.m. Monday morning. Aymn's friend Mohammed came along with us - he did the bulk of the driving - Aymn got stuck in the very back seat - and found out that he is too tall - his head kept connecting with the roof when we would hit those wonderful bumps in the road. Got to the airport in good time - glad I was not having to drive it - although it does seem quite straight forward and arriving by 5 a.m. meant very little traffic while driving through Cairo proper. Mom and Dad passed through security at 6:00 a.m. for their 8:40 a.m. departure to London.

Then we were off and running - had been informed by Aymn on Sunday that he had arranged for a business meeting Monday morning - well it was actually for noon - ARGH - not my idea of fun. So we parked the car near Al Ahzar (spelling) University and caught a few z's. Then Mr. Mohammed took us to meet his old boss - I got left in the car - the boss asked me to come out and join them but Aymn assured him I would not want to - so there I sat waiting. Spent most of the day in the car - while he conducted business and visited with Mr. Mohammed. And unfortunately Mr. M. has to drive with the windows open - and driving around Cairo did nothing for my sore throat - except to make it much worse. I do not drive with the windows open - I use the a/c and use the recirculate air feature. Then after driving all over Cairo we ended up driving to Marsa Matrouh for more business. I had suggested that Aymn and I could do this -thought we could get some alone time - spend the day and the night - but .... Then we arrived back home around 10:30 p.m. - and he informed me he was going to have to spend the night with the kids - so needless to say I was pissed off. He said he would be back to spend the day (Tuesday with me) and of course he spent the day running around.

Also while in Cairo - or sometime Monday - I managed to get lots of bites - which of course are a welty weepy mess now. I love living in this part of the world - just wish I could find out what it is that bites me and kill it before it gets me.

I had planned on taking a few days off for R&R - then start working today - Friday - doing laundry - changing the bedding and cleaning - but with my finger .....

am now trying to get ready for Miles and Shani's arrival and Christmas - had hoped to start my baking tomorrow - but will have to wait until my finger is a bit healthier. Chatted with Shani - have to get my shopping list ready - LOL. Had a list started - but cannot find it. While Dad was here he fixed my computer desk so it is altogether - but that meant my papers got strewn all over the place - my piles got moved and I cannot find my piles - SIGH. It was great having my dad around - Mr. Handyman - he put up my clocks - fixed the mirror in the bathroom - put up the holder for the shower head - fixed at the windows.

I have started the process of getting the window in my bedroom and in the living room replaced. Had told Aymn that he had until September 30 to get them fixed so they do not leak - and of course he did not do it - so while we were at Carrefour we saw a display of windows - I took the guys business card - and he took my number - called with 24 hours - made a date to come and measure them - he was late for the appointment - he had gotten lost - then they phoned within 24 hours with the estimate. Needless to say Aymn was not happy. But I am resolute in getting the windows fixed so they do not leak water and the wind does not whistle through them. After waking up Wednesday morning to lakes in my bedroom and the living room I am even more determined. They are supposed to be installed by Dec. 8 at the latest. Will give the company a call on Sunday and see what is going on.

Have included a picture of all the scarves I bought when I was in 10th of Ramadan visiting Safa.

Will work on adding more pics tomorrow.