Saturday, November 17, 2012

Have been home for about a month - sure is nice to be in my own bed and in my own place.  Still have lots of things that need to do - need to clean out more kitchen cupboards and spend some time cleaning out drawers and closets.  Also need to 'find' stuff. Having the place painted while I was gone was a great idea in on one hand - but on the other hand it was not so great as stuff has 'disappeared' and I have not really had the time or the inclination to get it all done.  

Things with Aymn have gotten a tad bit better.  He is certainly trying and he has made a big change - still lots of room for improvement and of course I am working on making a few changes that I need to do - although I am far from perfect.  I still lose my temper and get frustrated.  Not sure if I will ever be able to be perfect in that respect but I need to keep on working on it.

We made some progress on getting me my citizenship.  But of course there are the invariable hiccups.  We made one trip to Immigration here in Alex, then were sent to the courthouse here in Alex where we went, and then we were told we needed to go to Cairo.  So off to Cairo we headed and unfortunately the Ministry of Justice was closed the first day we went - after asking Aymn numerous time if they would be open because it was a Saturday - and he assured me they would be open - well guess what - they were not open.  But we went and spent a bit of time at Khan el Khalilee - where I got a couple of 'hats' for my dad.  Then we went to the Mall of Arabia where I got to do some shopping at Spinney's.  Ended up having a nice day.  Then back to Cairo on the Tuesday and we spent the day running around.  Got to the last place 15 minutes before they were to close and the woman we needed to see was not working any more.  One of the 'bosses' took pity on me - he was quite concerned to see this foreign woman just about in tears and he prevailed upon her to process the paperwork for us - and now we need to go back in two weeks to pick up the copy of our Egyptian marriage contrast .  Unfortunately Aymn is leaving today - so we will have to wait until he gets back - because there is no sense in my going to get it as we cannot move any further until he is back - as I cannot initiate the process at the Immigration office - that is up to Aymn.  And besides I doubt I would be able to find the place again.  But at least it has started.  What a lot of hassles.  But such is the bureaucracy here in Egypt.

Yesterday Shani FaceTimed me and I got to to see the boys - they are growing so quickly.  Lincoln is wearing a mitten on his right hand because he burned his hand.  They were visiting friends and the fireplace was on and Lincoln used the front of the fireplace to get himself up to walk - and got 2nd degree burns on the palm of his hand.  It is healing nicely.  Both boys are walking - Austin was walking before I left and Lincoln was just starting and he has improved greatly.  Miss them so much - they are so cute - and I really do miss seeing them regularly.  They will think grandma lives in the phone - which is fine - at least I hope they remember me and when I see them we will make up the time.

Weather here has been awesome.  Still too warm for me - but it is slowly cooling down.  Must admit I am not missing the snow and ice at all.

Am heading to Istanbul and Varna (Bulgaria) tomorrow - so am busy today getting ready to travel.  Getting the laundry done and packing as well.  Need to find a ride to the airport, as Aymn was going to take us, but he is leaving for Libya tonight as his scooter has arrived and he has to be there when it is unloaded so he is taking off this evening after spending the day in Cairo getting things done regarding his business.  Wish he had made the time to get the things done around the house that I wanted him to do.  Oh well.  Need to convert him to the DIN DIN club instead of the DIL DIL club which then turns into the TIT TIT club.  

Anyhow - a few pics of the boys before I left Canada.

 This is Austin.

 My buddy Lincoln.

 Austin eating pasta and tomato sauce.

Lincoln eating past and tomato sauce - not sure how much sauce actually makes it into their tummy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I am a very bad blogger.  Have not blogged for over a year and what a year it has been.  Working for Canada Post as a temporary letter carrier.  Spent five months in Egypt - my sister, Marian travelled home with me when I returned in December.  She spent five weeks with me - we did a lot of 'touring'.  Spent the first week cleaning the apartment - lesson has been learned.  Then we headed to Ain Sokhna to spend Christmas with my friend Margaret, her husband Mustafa and her fur kids. We of course had to have the obligatory dip in the water on Christmas day - was a beautiful day - water was a tad on the cool side - but not bad - once you went numb - no not nearly that bad.  After spending a great Christmas with good friends we were on our way again.  We headed to Cairo to fly to Luxor where we rented a flat from a woman I had 'met' online.  The flat was situated on the West Bank - across the Nile from all the tourist attractions.  Was a very pleasant place to be - the apartment was wonderful - not that we spent much time in it.  We were out and about touring.  We went on a hot air balloon ride and then took a Nile Cruise.  Unfortunately I was not expecting to be sitting dockside for 1.5 days before we left and I had not brought enough to do - but it was nice enough to spend some time catching a few rays.  Then we moved and were on our way to Aswan - was a wonderful trip - if I ever do it again I will certainly be better prepared.  We disembarked in Aswan and spent the day seeing some sights - definitely need more time to see more - but we saw enough.  We then went on the train back to Luxor - train trip was uneventful.  Marian left in mid January and I 'vegged'.  Did not much of anything - definitely needed the time to unwind - having worked for 7 months for Canada Post - spent 2 weeks with the boys when they got home from the hospital - and was generally very busy in Canada.  And the first month back home was hectic to say the least.  Then the last weekend of February my g/f Louise arrived from Australia.  She had lived in Egypt for over 18 yeas before her husband passed away and due to regulations in Australia she found herself moving back to Australia.  We were off and running shortly after she arrived.  I was introduced to taking the tram almost everywhere.  We had a lot of fun.  Her son, Thomas, joined us after a week and so I had a houseful.  But we still had a lot of fun - for the most part Thomas did his own thing and we did ours.  Went with Louise to get her eyes checked and had mine done as well - the opthamologist sent me for further testing due to the history of macular degeneration in our family.  He informed me that I have the beginning of macular degeneration before I went for the test.  One nice thing in Egypt - we went to see the opthamologist on Thursday evening and could have had the test done that evening - I passed - was already tired and stressed - so the appointment was made for Saturday - no waiting at all.  The remarks that the technician made on the diagnostic was that things were normal - another nice thing - the paperwork is mine to keep - so I have all the pics that were taken.  Have started taking Vision Essentials that my dad has been taking for a long time and seems to have stopped the progress of the age related degeneration - so I decided to start it.  I have an eye appointment in Fort McMurray on October 11, at which time the diagnosis will be confirmed or not - anxious to find out.  But of course have to go see my GP and get a referral - have an appointment with the GP on Oct. 4 and opted to make the appointment for the exam myself as my time is finite.

After Louise and Thomas left I had a little over a month before I left for Canada.  Had yet to see Aymn.  But did get to spend lots of time with family while I was there.  Hatem (Aymn's brother who lives in Libya) was visiting Mom for a couple of months - we had a couple of parties during that time - was fun to be with the family.  Aymn showed up 10 days before I was to leave - and things quickly fell apart - to the point that I told him I wanted a divorce - and even told his sisters.  I do not think he believed me.  One of my BIL came to see me and told me that no matter what my decision I would always be part of the family - nice to know.  I have a feeling one of his sisters had a chat with him - because once I arrived in Canada he has become very attentive.  Time will tell.  Will see if he can walk the talk he has been talking.  If not I will be moving on.

Arrived back in Canada on May 10 - in time to celebrate Mother's Day and my 'baby's' 30th birthday.  Where has the time gone.  It is so wonderful to see the growth in this man - sometimes hard to  believe he is a man - he will always be my baby.  But now he has two of his own.

Went to Creston and visited with my parents.  Was back to work on May 28.  And boy have things changed.  Our best supervisor passed away very unexpectedly - he was only 53 - way too young.  And two of the supervisors left.  The last one had been seconded to work on the restructure.  And we had a new Superintendent, along with three new supervisors - two of whom had been letter carriers and one who had worked in retail.  All young with a lot to learn.  The atmosphere was not at all 'fun'.  In 2010 and 2011 even though the work was hard - it was 'fun' - the people were fun.  Now not so much.  The restructure took effect on August 20 - and I opted to be unavailable for six months - finished out three days and had had enough.  Tired of being treated like a moron who did not know how to do her job.  Talked with Aymn and he talked with one of my BIL and I have a job in Egypt teaching.  So am going to head back and see how it goes.  If things do not work out I can come back and go back to work in Fort McMurray - and I am hoping against hope that it works out.  I know it will be slow going - so have accounted for that in my finances.  Will be leaving enough money in my bank here to pay for a return trip in 2014 - going back to spending a couple of months visiting.  Must admit I am looking forward to getting settled in my own place.  Sleeping in my own bed, cooking in my own kitchen, cleaning up my own mess. 

Am currently in Calgary 'nannying' 'my' boys.  Arrived in Calgary last Tuesday with the intent of staying a week and then heading to Creston and then back to Calgary for another visit and then back to Fort McMurray to look after Marian's cats and home while she travels to New Brunswick for a week, then back to Calgary and on my way to Egypt.  But last Thursday Shani received a call from her old employers asking if she could pinch hit for a couple of weeks while one of their executive assistants was off - so she asked if I would look after the boys - I said sure.  Just means my travel plans will be altered.  Shani is not sure if it will be for two or three weeks.  If it is for two weeks than I will head to Creston before I have to head back to Fort McMurray - if it is three weeks then I will head to Creston after house sitting in Fort McMurray.  I am getting anxious to get home.  And must admit the thought of missing all the snow does hold a certain appeal.

So other than that not much else is new.  Life continues on - I continue to plug along - and so it goes.

Awesome Austin

Luscious Lincoln

Austin making faces

Austin playing in the sprinkler

Lincoln going for a drink in the pool

Brothers leaning on each other

I will endeavour to be a better blogger.  Unfortunately, it will get quite boring after I leave Calgary as there will be no more pics of 'my' boys to post.  But will try to be better at keeping a journal of my life.  Nice to be able to look back and see what I have done, where I have been and what trouble I have gotten into and gotten out of.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

As promised - a tad later than - but better late than never.  Got the okay from Miles last night to post pics of 'my' boys on my blog.  So here goes - sure hope it works smoothly.

Allow me to introduce you to Baby B - picture taken minutes after his entrance into this world.

This is Baby A - not looking all that thrilled - again taken within minutes of his entrance.

Baby B - giving us the 'eye' - I cannot believe what just happened.

Baby A hooked up to his c-pap machine - to help him with his breathing.  Again taken shortly after birth - August 9, 2011

Lincoln Gordon Myers - sleeping peacefully at the Peter Lougheed Centre NICU on August 13, 2011.

Austin Miles Myers - in his mom's arms - at the NICU in Peter Lougheed Centre - also taken on August 13, 2011

Proud papa with Austin - red light on his foot is monitoring oxygen saturation of the blood - Aug. 13, 2011

Austin and grandma communing - notice the little smile.  Aug. 13, 2011

Proud papa and Lincoln - such a tiny package of joy.  Aug. 14, 2011

Lincoln with grandma - such bliss.  Aug. 14, 2011

My boys waving goodbye to me - Aug. 14, 2011.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today was a big day in this Myers' household.  Shani and I went to the hospital this morning and the boys were released.  We brought them home - arrived about 1:30 - they are adjusting well to their new environs and mom and dad are tickled pink to have them home - makes life so much easier - gives them time to get things done around the house - and to enjoy the boys in a much more comfortable setting.  Lounging around on the couch is much more comfy while snuggling the boys than sitting in one of the chairs at the PLC (Peter Lougheed Centre).  Unfortunately before we were able to make our escape it was found that a routine test that was done a week ago yesterday was going to have to be redone because the box indicating what sex Lincoln Gordon was had not been properly checked off - so they would not accept the test - so he had to have another heel poke - and while the nurse was poking his foot to get the blood - Lincoln anointed me - he peed all over me - missed the diaper just about completely - ah well - such are the joys of being around babies.  Good thing I was not wearing my high fashion duds of silk and satin - not likely as I do not own anything that cannot be thrown into the washing machine.

One of the women in their ward brought supper over - zucchini pie, salad, sour cream brownies, grapes and blueberry muffins.  It was all very good - although I have not yet tasted one of the muffins.  Miles will be making himself popcorn - Mr. Picky Pants.

I took quite a few pictures and will endeavour to upload them - should try now - but I am too tired - afraid that if it did not go well - the laptop might end up out a window.

When we got home Shani and I had a bite to eat and then she laid down for a snooze and I was given the 'honour' of putting together the change table - quite the challenge when I had no idea what it looked like - no instructions as it is a borrowed item - but with a bit of ingenuity I managed to get it together.  Here is hoping it stays together - I did not have a screw driver so I used my nail file - pretty sure I got the bolts done up tight enough - especially for now - not as if Lincoln and Austin are exactly bouncing around much yet .

Tomorrow I think we will likely be doing a lot more around the house to get it more organized - needless to say with the twins opting to come early not much is ready for them.  So Shani and I have a lot to do - and I will be doing most of the grunt work with directions from the boss.

The nursery needs to be sanded down - to get the wall paper remnants off - and then painted.  Miles will have his hands full - although I think he has enlisted the aid of a friend - so hopefully it will be done sooner rather than later.

Just realized I will have to invest in some batteries for my camera - as my rechargeable ones may not be able to be recharged - will have to ask Miles and Shani if they have a charger that I could use - if not I will just buy some regular batteries and use them - not really a big deal - unless I forget to get the batteries and the camera dies - then it is a problem.

Must admit that flying from Fort McMurray to Calgary is much more pleasurable than driving - took less than an hour to fly down - whereas when you drive it takes between eight and nine hours - depending on the number of stops you make.  Only one small fly in the ointment - the cost - but ......

The next big news is that Ayman has been 'found'.  He contacted his wife and kids in Egypt on Saturday telling them that he was going to be released in a few days - as soon as the battle for Tripoli was over.  Mahmood kindly passed along the news.  Then on Sunday while I was at the airport waiting for my flight I checked my Facebook and Mawada had sent me a message telling me that Ayman was out of jail and at his brother's place in Tripoli - kindly giving me two numbers where he could be reached at - tried to contact him this morning and got nowhere - will try again tomorrow - although I am tempted to just 'wait' for his call - but he has likely lost Miles' phone number - but still tempting.  Guess we will see how I feel tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ta da - I am a grandma - Miles and Shani had their twin boys on August 9th at 11:00 p.m.  They did not have names picked out for them - so they were referred to as Baby A - who weighed in at 5 lbs. and Baby B - who came in at nearly 4 lbs. - 3 lbs. 15 oz. to be exact.  Shani had gone for her usual appointment and on the way home her water broke - so she made her way to the Foothills and they hooked her up to a monitor and told her she was in labour - pains were obviously not very bad as she was not feeling a thing. 

Shani was released from the hospital on Friday and the twins were moved from Foothills to the Peter Lougheed Centre - not at all convenient as Miles and Shani live in the SW - they were asked where they wanted the boys to go and they chose Rockyview - but they were full - so why bother to ask.  Of course the transfer was a good news bad news scenario - good news because it meant the condition of the twins was not as grave as it had been meaning they could be transferred out of the Level 3 NICU to a Level 2 NICU - which is great - but then they were transferred to the hospital furthest from them - which means a lot of travel time.  Unfortunately, Shani was left with an epidural headache - one of the side effects of having an epidural - which meant every time she was vertical she was in a great deal of pain.

I received some pictures from Miles on Thursday - they had been taken by Shani's brother Dennis - and of course I needed to see them in person - Marian suggested I take Friday off work - a no go as I need to earn as much money as possible - but then she suggested we drive down Friday after I finish work - I was desperate to see 'my' boys - so I phoned Miles and asked if I could bunk with them for part of Friday night and Saturday night so I could see the boys - he allowed as how I must be 'desperate' to see them - and he was right - as it is an 8 hour trip to make on a two day weekend - just a bit nuts - but then.....

So Friday after work Marian picked me up - a tad on the late side and we drove down to Calgary - we arrived around 2 a.m. - I got to bed around 2:30 a.m. after having a shower and had to get up early - 6:30 a.m. - as Miles wanted to have a shower before we were going to head to the hospital in the morning - so I needed to get up early enough so I could shower before Miles did - yes I shower twice a day - we headed out to the hospital around 8:30 a.m. - made it for their 9:00 feeding.

When the babies were being transferred it was impressed upon Miles and Shani that they boys needed names.  So let me introduce you to Austin Miles Myers (previously referred to as Baby A) and Lincoln Gordon Myers (Baby B). 

They are so cute - and oh so tiny - remember my 'baby' was 9 lb. 3 oz. - I have never held such little ones.

When we got to the hospital Shani fed Austin and I snaffled Lincoln and fed him - unfortunately I was sitting on my iPod so was unable to take many pictures of him - and it is tough to get your mitts on him because Miles loves to cuddle with him.  I do have pictures which I will endeavour to upload one of these evenings when I have more time.

Lincoln had been hooked up to a CPap machine - to help him with his breathing for the first couple of days - but he was off that before he was transferred - both boys are hooked up to a monitor to check on their heart rates, oxygenation, respirations, etc.  as well he had an IV to supplement his diet.   Austin was hooked up to the CPap machine for a very short period of time and also an IV - but he was taken off the IV before they transferred. 

Managed to spend nearly 8 hours at the hospital with the boys on Saturday - then headed back to Fort McMurray Sunday morning - as we both had to be back to work on Monday.  It was hard to leave my boys behind - but it was certainly wonderful to see what a good daddy Miles is going to be.  He was looking after the twins as well as Shani - he even changed a poopy diaper on Saturday.  He had been bragging that he had not yet had to change a dirty diaper - and voila both boys pooped themselves - and I was given the honour of changing Austin while Miles changed Lincoln - I have it on video.

Talked with Miles and the boys are doing well.  Lincoln no longer has an IV - woo hoo.  And Austin nursed 2 or 3 times today and Lincoln managed to nurse once - which is really good as they have been being fed via bottles - and it is a challenge to get them working for their food now.  Lincoln gained a bit of weight today while Austin held his own. 

And that is my life in a nutshell - and I need to call it a night and get some sleep.  Tomorrow seems to come awfully fast these days - and my body is not thrilled with not having a day of rest over the weekend - and going on very little sleep as well.  If I want to make it through this week with my 'sanity' intact and no more injuries I need to get some sleep.

So until tomorrow or so - TTFN.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My life is so very unexciting these days that I find it difficult to blog.  There is nothing to report.  Work is as usual - I seem to have accepted a long term assignment - was told to me that it was only until they find a permanent employee to take it - but once I accepted it found out it is for a year to two years - hmmm - wonder what will happen when I fly the coop in November/December for a few months - oh well will cross that bridge when I get to it.  Started working on the route (Rover 2) on July 11.  Settling in nicely - then on the 18th at 6:05 a.m. the phone rings - they need me to be Jim today - he was on holidays and was scheduled back on the 18th but did not show - and I am the 'only' person who knows how to do his job - with no real training - so I was out the door at 6:10 a.m. to catch the first bus - had just managed to get dressed and was on my way downstairs to have breakfast and get something ready for my lunch - no such luck.  Was at work by 6:35 and worked straight through until 2:00 - someone noticed I was wearing my 'sandals' - closed toe ones - but sandals nonetheless - felt it necessary to bring it to the Health and Safety person's attention - who then went to the supervisor - my response was - well I am assigned out of the Riedel office - so I leave my stuff there - my sneakers are there - so someone was supposed to bring them over - actually the woman who got to do my run for the day - but she forgot - twice - then said she would bring them over at 2:00 - and I said not to bother as I would be heading home then.  Got home around 3 - and for some odd reason was hungry - go figure - looked in the fridge and there was some pizza - figured I could have a few slices as I had not eaten yet - and it would be the only meal I ate - but was informed by Matthew that the pizza was 'his' - so left it and made myself a couple of little sandwiches and had some salad - then had a big bowl of fruit - raspberries, blackberries - and went to my room.

Tuesday morning - phone did not ring - figured I was safe - downstairs at 6:36 - having had breakfast and made my lunch - and the phone rings - call a cab and come to be Jim again - ARGH - and do I have a pair of sneakers I could bring - yes I did - as I had purchased two new pairs of runners on Saturday - had been window shopping and Foot Locker had a sale on - so I picked up two pairs of Saucony shoes - size 9 and 9.5 - not sure about the 9 - but - whilst browsing I ran into a fellow postie - Maxine - and she told me what to look for and also informed me that her podiatrist had told her that with all the walking we do that shoes should be replaced ever two months - ouch - we do get a boot/shoe allowance - a whole $0.11 an hour - and the shoes were one sale for $80 a pair - no way does the shoe allowance cover replacing shoes every two months - but upon hearing that I did not feel badly any more that the pair that I started wearing in March were trashed - I had wondered what was going on - bad pair or what - but upon reflection - not surprising - the walk routes are between 12-17 km every day - day in day out and I am no light weight - so it is not all that surprising that the shoes had had it.  With the route I am on now - the walk route is very short - so the shoes might last longer.  Anyhow - took the pair of size 9's to work - and by the end of the day thought my toes were going to fall off - not a happy camper. 

Wednesday back to 'my' route and I wore the new size 9's again - had the old pair at the depot so if necessary could swap out - but they were not that bad - I am glad that I do not have a lot of walking to do - as they are just a snitch too short - but for the walking I am doing now - they will work - the size 9.5's will be perfect - and I must admit that with the new shoes my knees and hips are not nearly as sore - although I guess it is not fair to say it is just because of the shoes - part of that may be because I am not walking nearly as much.

The Rover 2 run consists of a lot of loading and unloading of mail/parcels.  First thing I have to do is load up the mail for Fort Chipewyan and take it to the airport - then off to Westjet to pick up any last minute express post - and then back to the depot for the express post to be distributed.  I also have to take all the 'third class' mail from the Riedel office to the Hardin office - royal pain in the touche.  The bins that are used are quite large and get heavy - so I have to lift them onto the truck and then shift them from the truck into a 'mono' (large wire cube - 3' x 3' at least) - lots of upper body work - and my upper body is not all that strong - so my muscles are not really thrilled with me - and having to reach up to close the back door - my right side gets a really good stretch - need to remember to alternate which hand I use - or I will end up even more lopsided than I already am.  I have to pick up parcels and other mail at two Retail Post Offices and take them Riedel to be sorted to Edmonton or in Fort McMurray.  I also have to empty the red mail boxes - have to start that at 15:00 not a second sooner.  I have 21 'ports of call' that I have to deal with from 15:00 on.  Usually am back to the depot by shortly after 16:00 - although sometimes it is later.  No one wants to take this run because you do have to work until at least 16:00 - whereas if you are doing a walk - you are finished by 13:00 or earlier and then you get to go home.  There are certainly times it would be nice to be able to head home early - but such is life.  If the morning goes smoothly - no late relay bags or anything like that - I am finished by 11:30 a.m. and then do not have to start back until 13:45 - so have a nice long lunch break - would be nice to have wheels - could do something - but then again - I do not think I would want to be coming home - because once I got here it would be tough to go back.  I manage to while away my time.  Think I will use the company vehicle (it is allowed) and head to the library this week - have finished all my library books and will not be in town this coming weekend to return them - so will do it during my break - or in the morning if I have time before I head out to deliver my mail.

Spoke with my sister in law, Suzanne, last weekend still no word from or about Ayman - afraid this is really wearing me down - I do not sleep well - which does not help me deal with work or life around here - but not much I can do about it.

Marian and Matthew headed to BC on the 21st of July - Marian will be spending two weeks in Creston with the folks - Matthew is headed to the island to spend time with his dad.

Shani and the twins are doing well - this upcoming week is her last week at work - she says she feels as if she is being beaten up from the inside out, but other than that she is doing well - has passed or will soon pass the 32 week period.  Here is hoping she can make it to the end of August - best for the babies - every day she can keep them happy incubating in her is great.

Still no idea when I will be heading to Calgary - Miles has not been able to make/take time to discuss it - so will certainly be playing that one by ear.  Did get busy and ship some 'treasures' down to Calgary with Marian - will make my trip much easier - as I will only have to pack one suitcase.

And on that note I am going to sign out - go downstairs and finish the laundry and maybe get brave and mow the front lawn before it rains again - will have to check to see how wet it is before I attempt it though. 


Monday, July 11, 2011

The lockout is over and we are back to work - we were back to work on June 28 - have been working flat out since then - have a back log of mail to deliver.  First week I was on a mobile route - which means I deliver parcels for a fairly large area and deliver mail to a smaller area - got the hang of it and was finishing in good time on the last day - which was the Thursday - Friday was Canada Day so a day off.  Then I got switched to another route - not sure why - according to the union rep I should not have been bumped - but who knows - and of course by the time I am informed it is too late - and this route is a walk route - walking about 12 km every day - five days - Thursday in the rain the whole time - Friday in the rain for a bit of the time - needless to say by the end of Friday my body was not at all happy with me.  I feel physically beaten up - add to that being mentally bruised and I am not in a very great place - wishing I could find me a cave and hide out in it for the duration - the stress of not knowing what is happening with Ayman is wearing on me - I know there is nothing I can do about it - could someone please get that message to my brain - so that at night I can sleep - I am not sleeping well - which does not help me to carry out my letter carrier duties at all - need all the sleep I can muster to get my body walking as far as it has to - but ....

Spent yesterday in the company of a very good friend - she picked me up and we went shopping.  We went to the Body Shop at the Peter Pond Mall - they had an awesome sale on - so I took the opportunity to stock up on body butter and a few other treats - spending as much time outside as I do - I need extra moisturisation for my skin - I am getting quite brown - well parts of me are getting quite brown - my feet have a very funky tan line going - and that which is tanned is quite dark - my legs are slowly getting brown - not at the same rate - unfortunately - and my arms and neck are quite brown - my face is not getting a lot of colour - a) because I wear a wide brimmed hat and b) because I wear sun screen with an SPF of 100 - as per the dermatologists orders in Egypt - need to be careful when applying the sun screen because if it gets in my eyes - it really burns - and of course I sweat like a horse so if I put it on my forehead it just runs into my eyes - so it is put on my nose, cheeks and chin - and of course the hat covers my forehead - so it does not get any sun.

Today spent the day at Marian's work picnic - was a good time - despite the sulking 18 year old - must admit I do not 'appreciate' his attitude and the way he treats Marian - not much I can do about it - but it certainly frustrates me.  Lots of good food - the standard fare of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken breasts - all very well done.  They had someone painting faces, a balloon man who was busy making all kinds of balloon shapes, snow cones, popcorn and of course cotton candy.  They had a bouncy room for the little kids - lots of soccer balls for the kids to play with - a little craft area where they could colour up a bus and take it home.  Weather was nice - a bit of a breeze - some cloud to keep it from getting too hot - but enough sun to keep it warm.

That is all I have to report at the moment - not much new in my life - in fact nothing at all.  But felt the need to update and try to keep on top of things - such as they are.