Monday, July 11, 2011

The lockout is over and we are back to work - we were back to work on June 28 - have been working flat out since then - have a back log of mail to deliver.  First week I was on a mobile route - which means I deliver parcels for a fairly large area and deliver mail to a smaller area - got the hang of it and was finishing in good time on the last day - which was the Thursday - Friday was Canada Day so a day off.  Then I got switched to another route - not sure why - according to the union rep I should not have been bumped - but who knows - and of course by the time I am informed it is too late - and this route is a walk route - walking about 12 km every day - five days - Thursday in the rain the whole time - Friday in the rain for a bit of the time - needless to say by the end of Friday my body was not at all happy with me.  I feel physically beaten up - add to that being mentally bruised and I am not in a very great place - wishing I could find me a cave and hide out in it for the duration - the stress of not knowing what is happening with Ayman is wearing on me - I know there is nothing I can do about it - could someone please get that message to my brain - so that at night I can sleep - I am not sleeping well - which does not help me to carry out my letter carrier duties at all - need all the sleep I can muster to get my body walking as far as it has to - but ....

Spent yesterday in the company of a very good friend - she picked me up and we went shopping.  We went to the Body Shop at the Peter Pond Mall - they had an awesome sale on - so I took the opportunity to stock up on body butter and a few other treats - spending as much time outside as I do - I need extra moisturisation for my skin - I am getting quite brown - well parts of me are getting quite brown - my feet have a very funky tan line going - and that which is tanned is quite dark - my legs are slowly getting brown - not at the same rate - unfortunately - and my arms and neck are quite brown - my face is not getting a lot of colour - a) because I wear a wide brimmed hat and b) because I wear sun screen with an SPF of 100 - as per the dermatologists orders in Egypt - need to be careful when applying the sun screen because if it gets in my eyes - it really burns - and of course I sweat like a horse so if I put it on my forehead it just runs into my eyes - so it is put on my nose, cheeks and chin - and of course the hat covers my forehead - so it does not get any sun.

Today spent the day at Marian's work picnic - was a good time - despite the sulking 18 year old - must admit I do not 'appreciate' his attitude and the way he treats Marian - not much I can do about it - but it certainly frustrates me.  Lots of good food - the standard fare of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken breasts - all very well done.  They had someone painting faces, a balloon man who was busy making all kinds of balloon shapes, snow cones, popcorn and of course cotton candy.  They had a bouncy room for the little kids - lots of soccer balls for the kids to play with - a little craft area where they could colour up a bus and take it home.  Weather was nice - a bit of a breeze - some cloud to keep it from getting too hot - but enough sun to keep it warm.

That is all I have to report at the moment - not much new in my life - in fact nothing at all.  But felt the need to update and try to keep on top of things - such as they are.

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