Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just a very short post to assure everyone that I am fine - my leg is about 95% back to normal - still a bit swollen and the area that was infected is still tender to the touch - but I am quite content that it is on the road to recovery. Internet access in Egypt is hit and miss - even more so than usual due to the fact that one or two - depending on the report you read - of the underwater cables have been damaged (rumour has it that an anchor damaged them) - leaving 80% of Egypt without internet - or leaving Egypt without internet 80% of the time - whichever way you want to read it. I have internet now - but no guarantee that I will have it for very long - hence the short post. But did want to let everyone know that I am healthy and starting to work on my goals - slowly but surely.

Last week we had a wingding of a wind storm - so glad I was frivolous and got new windows - at least my bedroom was windproofed and the dust was kept to a minimum. But I was begining to think that all the satellite dishes were going to be ripped from their moorings and fly away - a lot of creaking and groaning went on. We are now back to nice weather - highs in the high teens - lows in the low teens - Aymn told me that it was the coldest temperatures in over 50 years - as I did not have access to the internet or TV - due to my satellite dish being blown around - I had no idea - just knew it was windier than windy.

Anyway - in a week or so - in shaa allah - they are saying the internet will be back to 'normal' and I will post and upload some pics from the holidays.