Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It has been a 'busy' time for me - getting up early five days a week to head to the gym - I opt out of Friday and Saturday - mainly because parking is nigh on impossible - and besides my body needs time to recuperate. Not quite sure why I get up so danged early - but I do - it is nice to be back home by 7:30 and have the dreaded workout done and over with - I find if I go later - my day is a complete wash - because by the time I truly cool down, eat, shower and get moving it is nearly noon - and then the day is done - guess it can be said that I am truly a morning person - not a great thing here in this country where I would guess that 95% of the population are nocturnal - I think because of the weather - everybody snoozes in the afternoon and when the sun sets is when life starts to happen - and for me when the sun sets it is time for me to get ready for bed. Aymn has a tough time adjusting to this when he is with me - he is very used to the snooze and late nights and when he is here there is no time for a snooze and early nights are the norm. Poor baby.

My face is looking a right mess. This chemotherapy cream is burning like crazy - last Tuesday went to see the dermatologist and he asked if it was burning - I said yes - and he said come back in a month. By that time I feel as if I will have craters on my face - my nose is quite tender as is the spot on my upper lip - they look nasty as well - the spot on my temple is quite tender as well- but at least it is hidden by my scarf - so no one but me sees it. People think I have a cold sore on my upper lip - and of course people here think nothing of asking.

My membership at the gym is good until May 21 - not sure what I will do after that - think I will just renew it for another month - then when Aymn is in town go to look at Gold's Gym - see what they have for equipment - Miles is bound and determined that I need to be using a rowing machine - I think he wants me dead - last time I was in Canada I tried the rower - just about died after 2 minutes - used to be able to do 20 with not much problem - tells me how out of shape I am.

Miles called me on Mother's Day - it was a real treat. Was great to talk with him - we talked mainly about my workout routine - he is big into working out - when they were here for Christmas he was giving me suggestions as to things I could do. He told me he would rather me work out longer on the elliptical trainer than on the treadmill - of course the elliptical is a 'better' work out - he fears the treadmill will be too hard on my knees. So I have changed up my routine a bit - more time on the elliptical trainer and less on the treadmill.

Tomorrow (14th) I have to call Miles - it is his birthday - he will be 26 - where has the time gone?? I am sure it was just a few months ago - ok maybe a year ago - that I brought him home from the hospital - and here he is all growed up - married - YIKES. And I look in the mirror and wonder who the old woman is that is looking back at me - how did this happen?? Must admit I am very impressed with how well Miles has turned out - he is not perfect - by any stretch of the imagination - but he is a good man - hard to get my head wrapped around calling him a man - to me he is still a kid - but he sure did take exception to my calling him a kid - or referring to him and Shani as 'the kids' when they were here for Christmas - partly because he does not see himself as a kid - wonder why - and partly because Shani is not my kid - he has yet to learn that yes she is - he has a lot to learn - in shaa allah he will learn. Last year I was in Calgary to help him celebrate his 25th b'day - and my 50th - and I spent my 50th b'day at McMahon Stadium watching him play football - in the rain - does it never end???? I had figured that when he graduated from high school that I would no longer be required to attend football games or rugby matches - thank goodness he has given up on rugby - but he still LOVES football.

I do not have a lot more to report - going to the gym, burning my face off bit by bit and just generally trying to keep myself sane - that is about it for me.

The garden is looking good - a little on the 'wild' side - really needs weeding - but I cannot go out in the sun and besides weeding is not one of my favourite ways to spend my time.

I need to confine myself to the computer and download pictures from my camera and then upload some pics on to the blog - maybe in the next few days I can do that.