Tuesday, January 04, 2011

As my time in Canada winds down it is very bittersweet - I am glad to be going 'home' to my own bed and my own space - but not really looking forward to the 'expectations' that will be placed upon me - and looking even less forward to the upheaval when it is made clear that I have had it up to here - and changes need to be forthcoming from the other party - it is not all about my changing - I have changed, compromised, bent over enough - I am D O N E.  Also - must admit that the explosion at a church near my place has certainly given me pause for thought.  Only one thing keeps going through my head - 4.5 months and I will be heading back to Canada for at least six months.  And must admit this  year has shown me that if push comes to shove I can start over again - not saying it will be easy - but it can be done - had had my doubts about that - but - I eventually found work - and in time could get started over - again.

I am currently staying with Miles and Shani - has been a great visit so far - have never had issues with Shani - but Miles and I have certainly had our 'problems' and this time a corner has been turned - I hope it keeps up.  Last night we had a fondue - borrowed my fondue pot and other things from my best cuzzy Maurine - Shani and I shopped - and then I made the sauces - and she copied them down - maybe I should have kept them secret so I would still be 'useful' to them - as Miles does love fonduing and he does love his Bouginion sauce - loves it so much but cannot remember the name of it - so I am required to 'remind' him - giggle.

They are both currently at work - and I am waiting for my friend Michele to come over for a visit - she is going to be in town for a doctor's appointment and we are going to do lunch.  Will be great to spend some time with her - missed her presence in my life for a lot of years - great to be reconnected.

Tomorrow the plan is to spend the day shopping with my niece Shawna - have a few things I want to get at Costco and she has a membership - also want to get a new pair or runners - the ones I bought in July for work have had it - they do not owe me much - they have been through a lot - and since my plan is to walk five days a week and work my way up to being able to do the fifteen floors of stairs in my building before I come back to Canada - I need new shoes.

Getting a bit stressed about all that I have accumulated during this year - have stuff all over the place - need to get things together so that I can sort through and decide what I am going to take and what will stay here - and what I will have to get next time 'round.  Does not help that Ayman has requested a few things - and of course they are not little things - but will figure some way of transporting them.

Not much else to report - except the butterflies in my stomach are growing - but as Miles says - not to worry - I will be back and what I do not get done or cannot pack will just have to wait until next time.

This will likely be my last post from Canada - will endeavour to keep everyone posted once I am 'settled' back in Egypt.  Have a month to get things sorted out and then my buddy Deb is coming for a visit - she will be in Egypt for a little over two weeks - looking forward to that.  Am also trying to 'convince' my parents to come for a visit in March/April - if I am successful on that - will be a busy time as I will be heading back to Canada mid to late April - as I am to report back to work on May 16, 2011 - yay.