Tuesday, January 04, 2011

As my time in Canada winds down it is very bittersweet - I am glad to be going 'home' to my own bed and my own space - but not really looking forward to the 'expectations' that will be placed upon me - and looking even less forward to the upheaval when it is made clear that I have had it up to here - and changes need to be forthcoming from the other party - it is not all about my changing - I have changed, compromised, bent over enough - I am D O N E.  Also - must admit that the explosion at a church near my place has certainly given me pause for thought.  Only one thing keeps going through my head - 4.5 months and I will be heading back to Canada for at least six months.  And must admit this  year has shown me that if push comes to shove I can start over again - not saying it will be easy - but it can be done - had had my doubts about that - but - I eventually found work - and in time could get started over - again.

I am currently staying with Miles and Shani - has been a great visit so far - have never had issues with Shani - but Miles and I have certainly had our 'problems' and this time a corner has been turned - I hope it keeps up.  Last night we had a fondue - borrowed my fondue pot and other things from my best cuzzy Maurine - Shani and I shopped - and then I made the sauces - and she copied them down - maybe I should have kept them secret so I would still be 'useful' to them - as Miles does love fonduing and he does love his Bouginion sauce - loves it so much but cannot remember the name of it - so I am required to 'remind' him - giggle.

They are both currently at work - and I am waiting for my friend Michele to come over for a visit - she is going to be in town for a doctor's appointment and we are going to do lunch.  Will be great to spend some time with her - missed her presence in my life for a lot of years - great to be reconnected.

Tomorrow the plan is to spend the day shopping with my niece Shawna - have a few things I want to get at Costco and she has a membership - also want to get a new pair or runners - the ones I bought in July for work have had it - they do not owe me much - they have been through a lot - and since my plan is to walk five days a week and work my way up to being able to do the fifteen floors of stairs in my building before I come back to Canada - I need new shoes.

Getting a bit stressed about all that I have accumulated during this year - have stuff all over the place - need to get things together so that I can sort through and decide what I am going to take and what will stay here - and what I will have to get next time 'round.  Does not help that Ayman has requested a few things - and of course they are not little things - but will figure some way of transporting them.

Not much else to report - except the butterflies in my stomach are growing - but as Miles says - not to worry - I will be back and what I do not get done or cannot pack will just have to wait until next time.

This will likely be my last post from Canada - will endeavour to keep everyone posted once I am 'settled' back in Egypt.  Have a month to get things sorted out and then my buddy Deb is coming for a visit - she will be in Egypt for a little over two weeks - looking forward to that.  Am also trying to 'convince' my parents to come for a visit in March/April - if I am successful on that - will be a busy time as I will be heading back to Canada mid to late April - as I am to report back to work on May 16, 2011 - yay.


Lynn said...

Oh wow Maureen.......I sure have been out of the news loop. I had not heard about that church explosion and so I googled it. Scary.

I am sad that your time in Canada has come to a close so quickly for you, but I am extremely happy that you were able to find work, and one that you can come back to as well. I must say that is so nice of your employer to do that for you. My hats off to you for finding a good job.

But most importantly I read between the lines and tear up when I read how well things are going for you and Miles. Fondues are magic, no? ; D

Have a wonderful few days getting together with your family and friends (please say hello to Michelle for me....it's been a lot of years for sure) and I will keep you in my thoughts, as I also can read between the lines the stress that you are under as you prepare to go back and start a new year there too. Before you know it.....you will be back.


Love you my friend. Have a safe journey.

Southern Gal said...

I hope your safe Maureen. I am so worried about the events taking place in Egypt. Your in my prayers.


Lynn said...

Still waiting to hear from you Maureen! Hope you are okay. The news in the papers about where you are is cause for much concern and sleepless nights. : S