Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well, since my mom ditched me and I have 30 minutes before I head home - I will take this opportunity to blog.

I do not have a computer at the moment - have not had one for about 3 months - need a new motherboard and new RAM at the same time - and I just do not have the money for it. So I am back to sitting in cybernets and being smoked. Sure do wish there was one near the house that was a non-smoking one - but such is life - the one I am using is more expensive than most - but it keeps the 'gamers' out of the place - which is good.

I am heading back to Canada on January 29th, have my ticket in my hot little hand. Will be looking for work as I have a few debts I need to look after - and my investment money has disappeared - turns out it was a ponzi scheme - I am very grateful that I got all of the money I invested out of it before it dried up - but it sure has changed my plans for the future. Am looking forward to being back for my 'sanity' break.

Not sure how long I will be in Canada - will all depend on how long it will take me to earn the money to cover my debts as well as have a nest egg so that I can afford to go home next year. If things work out well enough on this trial I will look at going back for the summer for the next few years - a) to add to my CPP and b) to build up a bit of a nest egg for unforeseen circumstances here in Egypt.

Weather here has been wonderful - not much rain yet. I spent Christmas in Ain Sokhna with my buddy Margaret - spent Christmas day at the beach in the water - even managed to 'drag' two little ones in the water with me. Margaret and her husband, Mustafa, had company for Christmas Day - husband and wife with 3 adorable little ones - 5, 4 and 2. I managed to entice the two older girls into the water with me. Unfortunately because I do not have my own computer I am unable to post my pictures - but I do have pics and as soon as I can I will post them.

Aymn is still spending a lot of his time in Libya - although the last time he was back he managed to spend a bit over 3 weeks here - instead of his usual 10 days to 2 weeks - was kind of nice. Things have certainly improved between us - I think the fact that I had the place listed to sell and actually had people coming to see it shocked him - whatever it was - I am glad - we are in daily contact now - last year or so once he crossed the border I rarely heard from him - so it is very nice to get text messages from him every day. On Dec. 23 he had an accident in his car in Libya - cost him over 8,000 LE to get it fixed. Managed to rear end a truck on the highway - not sure how he managed it - but he came up behind a truck that was not going nearly as fast as he was - and could not pass him as there was a truck travelling in the other lane - and of course he was going too fast to be able to stop in time - I am just very grateful that he was wearing his seatbelt - something he has started doing since his Canadian wife insists he put on the seatbelt every time he is in my car.

I spent a bit of time today in the garden - one drawback to not having 'winter' - the garden needs watering and weeding - today I tackled the rose garden - came out looking the worse for wear - have sweet peas blooming already - will take pics and post them when I have the chance as well.