Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not much to report - nothing much has changed - been busy running around 'shopping' as if I had money - which I did do as I got paid on Thursday and my vacation pay was added to the cheque - which of course meant the government took their share - wish we had the option of holding the vacation pay and asking for it - would ask for it once I was no longer working - then I would receive more of it - oh well - such is life.  Went to WalMart bright and early Friday morning because they had 32GB iPod touch on sale for $298.  Now I am debating whether or not I will keep it - or return it and bite the bullet and get an iPhone - which I can use in Canada and Egypt - need to do some research - talked with Miles about it last night - and he had some good insight - so will have to do some checking - may take the iPod touch back and end up with and iPhone - will see how I feel after I talk with some sales people.  Only thing is that I would likely want to wait until September before getting the iPhone and I seem to have misplaced my cell phone - SIGH - not a good week - not sure where my head has been - but I seem to have been misplacing things quite regularly.  Hope I can get my head back in the game soon.

Marian headed to Edmonton on Thursday night - so I am left in charge of three cats and one teenager - the teenager is a royal pain in the hiney.  And of course my hands are tied as he is not mine - so not much I can do about it.  So very grateful that my teenager - while not perfect - was nowhere near as obnoxious as this one is - if he had been I would been in jail for murder - not really - because mine was not allowed to be so obnoxious - I was a very MEAN mom - but it certainly paid off - because Miles has grown in to a very responsible adult.

Weather here is still not bad - yesterday was a very cloudy day - we had hopes that it would rain - but no such luck and today the sky is blue with a few clouds - so not much chance of having rain in the near future.  And we really do need it - the forest fires are still going like crazy - just hope and pray that the fire does not come closer to the town site.

Have had no further news on Ayman - will likely be talking with my sister in law tomorrow - but I am not holding out much hope that the status will change.  I am worried about him - but I am also really pissed off with him - he should have left Libya before he was incarcerated - but oh no he had to stay to protect his 'assets' - not doing him or his family any good now - are they - GRRRR - all of this could have been avoided if he had not been so greedy and short sighted - he was convinced that the protests would be short lived and the people would 'cave' - when we talked about it I was always urging him to leave - but he was sure it would amount to nothing - hmmm.

Has been a quiet day - have spent most of the day reading - had a short little snooze - felt good - and I think I will continue reading - it is just that kind of day.

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Yosra said...

Asalamu Alaykom,

Is there any news on Ayman now? I can't find that you've updated on him. Maybe I missed it. Sorry if I did.