Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today was a big day in this Myers' household.  Shani and I went to the hospital this morning and the boys were released.  We brought them home - arrived about 1:30 - they are adjusting well to their new environs and mom and dad are tickled pink to have them home - makes life so much easier - gives them time to get things done around the house - and to enjoy the boys in a much more comfortable setting.  Lounging around on the couch is much more comfy while snuggling the boys than sitting in one of the chairs at the PLC (Peter Lougheed Centre).  Unfortunately before we were able to make our escape it was found that a routine test that was done a week ago yesterday was going to have to be redone because the box indicating what sex Lincoln Gordon was had not been properly checked off - so they would not accept the test - so he had to have another heel poke - and while the nurse was poking his foot to get the blood - Lincoln anointed me - he peed all over me - missed the diaper just about completely - ah well - such are the joys of being around babies.  Good thing I was not wearing my high fashion duds of silk and satin - not likely as I do not own anything that cannot be thrown into the washing machine.

One of the women in their ward brought supper over - zucchini pie, salad, sour cream brownies, grapes and blueberry muffins.  It was all very good - although I have not yet tasted one of the muffins.  Miles will be making himself popcorn - Mr. Picky Pants.

I took quite a few pictures and will endeavour to upload them - should try now - but I am too tired - afraid that if it did not go well - the laptop might end up out a window.

When we got home Shani and I had a bite to eat and then she laid down for a snooze and I was given the 'honour' of putting together the change table - quite the challenge when I had no idea what it looked like - no instructions as it is a borrowed item - but with a bit of ingenuity I managed to get it together.  Here is hoping it stays together - I did not have a screw driver so I used my nail file - pretty sure I got the bolts done up tight enough - especially for now - not as if Lincoln and Austin are exactly bouncing around much yet .

Tomorrow I think we will likely be doing a lot more around the house to get it more organized - needless to say with the twins opting to come early not much is ready for them.  So Shani and I have a lot to do - and I will be doing most of the grunt work with directions from the boss.

The nursery needs to be sanded down - to get the wall paper remnants off - and then painted.  Miles will have his hands full - although I think he has enlisted the aid of a friend - so hopefully it will be done sooner rather than later.

Just realized I will have to invest in some batteries for my camera - as my rechargeable ones may not be able to be recharged - will have to ask Miles and Shani if they have a charger that I could use - if not I will just buy some regular batteries and use them - not really a big deal - unless I forget to get the batteries and the camera dies - then it is a problem.

Must admit that flying from Fort McMurray to Calgary is much more pleasurable than driving - took less than an hour to fly down - whereas when you drive it takes between eight and nine hours - depending on the number of stops you make.  Only one small fly in the ointment - the cost - but ......

The next big news is that Ayman has been 'found'.  He contacted his wife and kids in Egypt on Saturday telling them that he was going to be released in a few days - as soon as the battle for Tripoli was over.  Mahmood kindly passed along the news.  Then on Sunday while I was at the airport waiting for my flight I checked my Facebook and Mawada had sent me a message telling me that Ayman was out of jail and at his brother's place in Tripoli - kindly giving me two numbers where he could be reached at - tried to contact him this morning and got nowhere - will try again tomorrow - although I am tempted to just 'wait' for his call - but he has likely lost Miles' phone number - but still tempting.  Guess we will see how I feel tomorrow.

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