Wednesday, July 23, 2008

As promised - as soon as I received my dining room set I said I would take pictures and put them on the blog. It was delivered today - the first picture is of the whole set - I still would like another piece - would like a side board - will see if we have space - must admit I had gotten used to having an empty space when you walked into the apartment - now it is looking quite congested - SIGH. The hutch has only two shelves in it - I have requested another 3 - as the things I want to keep in it are not that tall - would rather have three more shelves - and if I need I can ditch one of them - nice to finally have place to displaythe few knick knacks that I brought with me from Canada - and of course I have collected a few since arriving here in Egypt.

The second photo is of the table - I specifically told Aymn I did not want a chunk of glass covering it - but of course the carpenter knows better what I like than I do. The whole set is a bit more 'ornate' than I would have liked - I look at all the fancy work and I see dust collectors - but again - what do I know. I also requested that the wood be stained a very light colour if at all - would rather have just had it natural - but again - what do I know. I just find that with having the ceramic tile so dark - it makes for a very dark area. Ah well - all in all I am quite pleased.

Was quite the production to get the table up to the apartment - they had to bring it up over the balcony as it would not fit into the elevator and the stairwell was much too narrow for it to fit - there are a few scuff marks - but apparently someone will be coming to fix at these - we will see.

All of the other pieces were brought up the stairs - someone refused to allow them to use the elevator - although the only things that would fit into the elevator would have been the chairs and the shelves for the cabinet.

So, there you have it friends and family - I am finally in possession of a dining room set.

Next is an entertainment centre and some bookcases - would love to get my books out of boxes and out so I could see them. Hopefully this decade.


musulmana said...

assalamu aleikum,

I found your chairs to be quite odd.

How do you support your back? I know my kids would fall back onto the tiled floor-LOL.

My husband and I would fall too!

I have never seen chairs like these.

As for the glass top, I would have MADE him take it OFF and OUT of my house-LOL, but that is just me, I don't deal with their drama, I know what I like, and if I am paying for it, then it has to look like what I asked for.

Then again, I live in the States and I will not likely be commissioning furniture from carpenters, or clothing from seamstresses. I like to look at the finished product before I make my decision, guess it's what I'm used to.

It must be hard to hold your breath and deal with these things.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Al humdulileh! A post and the dining set! I know it's not your taste, but I do think the chairs are quite pretty and the stain is nice. I hate having glasstops, too. It's very hard to keep clean. It's nice that you finally got this done, M. :)

Lynn said...

LOL! I was going to ask how they got it up into the apartment. So happy that they didn't wreck the walls getting it into your apartment.

I must say however.."NICE! VERY NICE!" Can't wait to see a pic of your nik nacs displayed.

I actually like the detailing on the chairs. I especially love the fabric.

UmmAbdurRahman said...

can we see some more pics of the rest of your place. I love seeing how the rest of the world lives.

I think the dining room set is nice and I didnt even notice the design of the chairs until musulmana pointed it out.

Rhonda said...

Hello! My first impression before I read the blog was quite positive, and still is. I thought it looked elegant. As far as the glass top? I don't know, never had one. I can see the pros and cons, and also I can see the joy of figuring how to crack it (accidentaly) ((I hear quick temperature changes can do it, heavy blunt objects like hammers)).

Safa said...

OMG...UR KIDDING! You finally got a diningroom set? And you don't even have one foot in the grave yet....whoda thunkit??

But I'll say this....IT'S GORGEOUS! WOW!! About the glass top....u can't take it' won't be solid wood. In Egypt, they tend to build the tops of the tables rather like boxes....on my table in 10th of Ramadan, the top was just particle board with some sort of design on top. (I took my glass off and found that out).....

So live with the glass...sigh.

It is quite a huge table....You place must be really spiffy now!

Rhonda said...

Can u cook? I think I might have to start becoming a cook. I have a great dining room table. I just need to start to cook more. LOL.