Monday, August 11, 2008

For those of you who are not yet aware - I was scheduled to fly out of Alex to Calgary on August 6 - but Mr. Aymn was not yet back - so he asked that I change my flight plans - so am now scheduled to head out on August 20 - he is still not back - promising to be back today (August 11). I am now really, really regretting changing my plans - when I was going to the travel agency to change them I was really having to force myself - I was NOT a happy camper. I now know why. Yesterday morning (Sunday) I got a phone call from my dad - my mom is in the hospital - she had a heart attack Saturday morning - I need to be in Canada. If I had not changed my plans I would have been in Creston on Saturday morning and my dad would not be having to deal with this on his own - ARGHHHH. Today I am going to phone the agency and see if by chance there is a seat available on Wednesday's flight - I feel as if I am being torn in two - now I know there is enough of me for two - but for some strange reason there is no 'tear here' line on me. Asked Dad if he needed me to come earlier - am waiting for his email. He is heading to Calgary on Monday (maybe) as he has a doctor's appointment for his eye - he needs someone to drive him to and from the appointment - not really to - but certainly from as he will be getting an injection in one of his eyes and he cannot drive right afterwards. He said he would call Shawna - but she has just had a baby - so I spoke out of turn and offered Miles' services - as he is not working - at least not outside the home - he is the resident manager of the complex they live in - but I figured he would likely be able to help dad out - made an executive decision - now waiting to get blasted from Miles. Needless to say I am stressed - did not get much sleep last night - am supposed to be heading out this morning for a gathering at the pool - but my mind is just not into it today - but will drag myself out anyway - will be better than sitting here waiting. I do hate the waiting.

Please say a prayer for my mom - we need all the 'help' we can get.

Weather here has been hot and humid - did I mention the humidity -just saps me. I think about doing anything and the sweat starts to run down my face, arms, torso and legs - such a pretty sight.

Looks like my flat may be used while I am out of the country. My friend Margaret may stay for a few days and last night I found out that my youngest SIL is coming to Egypt for a month - and Suzanne (SIL) told me that they would be renting a place - Mom (MIL) wants them to stay with her - but if they do that than his mother will have her knickers in a knot because she thinks they should stay with her. I know that money is tight for them - so I suggested that they could stay at my place. Suzanne asked me if I was sure - I said why not - she is family - only seems right. As Suzanne was leaving she told me that she was going to move out of the country so that when she comes to visit she can stay at my place - told her she could stay anytime she wanted. Would be nice if I could meet Shereen (youngest SIL) - I have spent five minutes with her a couple of days after I arrived in Egypt - she was getting ready to move to Qatar. This will be her first visit back - hope they take me up on the offer of my place - would save them money and it is big enough that she could entertain the families here as well. She could use my new dining room table - I have yet to use it.

Had a dream this morning that Aymn called me and told me he would be going home to his family because it would only be fair. So I am waiting for a phone call - wondering what is going on -must admit this frustrates me no end. Hopefully it will just have been a dream - but if it pans out to happen - then I will really do my utmost to get out of here sooner.


Rhonda said...

thanks for the update, didn't realize u were in such a situation. I will pray for you and yours. I understand your frustration with not getting your needs met. I am in a similar situation right now. I think when 'giving' results in resentments, that is a good warning flag that you are overextending. As much as we might wish it, we are not superheroes! Hang in there!

Lynn said...

Oh Maureen! No wonder you are all stressed out. I would be too. Of course, we will keep your mom AND your dad AND you in our prayers. Looks like your whole family could use some prayers right now.

Keep me posted! Love ya'

Megan said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I will keep you and her in my prayers. Hopefully you can make it to Calgary soon!
Love ya

PM said...

Dear Maureen,

I hope you have given some thought to not letting Ayman manipulate you into changing your priorities and making decisions that you will come to regret -- especially considering your parents' ages.

You have my prayers for your mother and father. Insha'Alah you will get there soon and that will ease the situation.

God bless,

Rose Bud said...

I am praying for you and your family. If you can go see them you should. What ever you are leaving behind will be waiting for you when you get back.

on the edge said...

Oh Mo , So very sorry about your mom and I know from the past how awful it is to not be there for your parents when they need you .Will keep them in my prayers !

I really admire your generosity with letting Aymans family staying in your flat while you are gone home . If I did this for Moe's family I would come back to find everything gone , sad to say .

Huda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom and Dad...may Allah be with them both, and with you too.

As for "soul searching", you know what you need to do.

Hugs and warm thoughts from a fellow canuckian