Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. Just heard from my sweet daughter (in-law) that Dad is going to Calgary and they are looking after him. Although dad has refused their offer of a bed for his stay - he is just as hard headed as his grandson - or is it the other way around - but Miles will be taking him to the doctor - big relief - not sure if I will be getting a talking to about my executive decision - but I don't really care - it is a big relief to know that dad is being looked after. Of course I am very sensible and not at all hard headed - skipped me (can you see the tongue in cheek????).

I am assuming that mom is doing all right - at least good enough for dad to leave her for three days - I do not know if she is still in hospital - but I would bet yes. I am sure hoping that I can get some sleep tonight - not only is my car running on fumes - but so am I.

Again thanks for the prayers - we certainly are in need of them.


Lynn said...

Oh that is so good of Miles and Shani. They will take good care of your dad for sure.
Get some rest Maureen. You can't get water from an empty well. You will need to be healthy and strong for your visit with them when you come. : D Hugs.

on the edge said...

Go home !

Rhonda said...

safe travel to you. God is in charge. Hugs.