Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where has the time gone. Thought I was 'ready' to travel - must admit that while I enjoy having Aymn here it is a bit of a hindrance to getting things ready - closing up the place for over two months - while still having to feed someone is a bit of a pain. If it were just me I would not be eating much - it is still too danged hot here - looking forward to the cooler clime of Canada.

Update on Mom - she is home - after being airlifted to Calgary on the 11th and spending five days at the Foothills Hospital - she was released on Friday the 15th after having an MRI that showed no damage to the heart. Everyone headed back to Creston on Saturday - my dad, mom, sister and sister's youngest son. So things are getting back to normal.

24 hours from now I will be on my way to Canada - looking forward to the break. Need time to do some serious soul searching. Will try to keep everyone posted.

Thanks for the support over the last week - must admit it has been a tough one - do not like being so far away from family during a crisis.

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Lynn said...

SO glad to get the good news about your mom!
Have a safe trip Maureen!