Saturday, January 17, 2009

It was a busy day - just spent the last hour shelling peas - something I have not done in a very long time.

Woke up this morning around 6:30 a.m. - much too early - but such is my life these days -having trouble sleeping. Puttsed around for a bit - looked like it was going to be a nice day - had plans to head to the produce souk with Suzanne - around 9:00 the sky darkened - the wind picked up and it became downright nasty - cold, rain and really windy. Hmmm - do I really want to head out in this - not so sure. Suzanne phoned around 9:30 - asking if we were still going - said I would call her in an hour to let her know. Around 10 things calmed down - so I got ready to go - we headed out around 11 - bit later than I would have liked - but you have to take into consideration the wonderful weather.

Had a lot of fun - Suzanne always gets good deals on things because I am with her - the vendors are always very curious about me - guess a fair number of them asked if I was Muslim - she just told them yes - did not want to deal with all the questions that come when they find out that I am Christian. I bought 5 kg of tomatoes - going to make spaghetti sauce - managed to find room for the tomatoes in the fridge - good thing as there is no way I have time to make the sauce tonight - hoping I have time tomorrow - after I get back from shopping - I know such a life I lead - never rains but it pours. Had not been out of the house since last Sunday - now I am just all over the place - LOL - well I guess that statement I made is not quite accurate as I was out of the house Thursday evening - great memory just really short. Anyhow - stocked up on veggies - need to get back to eating better. These last few days have been pretty sketchy for eating - have been eating popcorn - just did not feel like cooking - combination of being under the weather with this cold and then my mental state did not help - but in shaa allah I will be back on track shortly. Took a couple of pictures of the cauliflower - not sure I will post them now - maybe tomorrow - but the large cauliflower is for 6 LE - so $1.20. I did not buy one - but Suzanne bought a really large one and gave me part of it - I cannot eat a whole one on my own - on top of all the other things I bought. Must admit I am enjoying the fresh strawberries - so yummy and so inexpensive. I know - I am so bad.

After we finished at the souk we made our usual pit stop at Mom's - as Suzanne always purchases Mom's fresh produce for her - personally I think Mom should come out and get her own - would be good for her - get some exercise and just to get out of the house, but what do I know. After that we ended up visiting with Shereen and her husband Tamer - they are still here - guess they will be in town for a few months. The visit lasted longer than I had anticipated - but Suzanne had not seen Shereen in over 10 days - so there was lots to catch up on.

Got home and was fortunate enough to find a good parking space - not on a corner - actually just about right in front of our building.

Unfortunately Suzanne had been 'brilliant' and managed to work it so they could not get into their apartment. The locks on the doors are a bit different here - guess they are like a deadbolt - but with a bit of a difference - there is no handle on the outside of the door that you can use to unlatch the door. Her door handle is not working very well - they are having to use the key to unlatch the door - and she inadvertently left the key in the handle inside - which means you cannot use a key to unlock the door from outside - do not ask my why - but she did eventually get in - not sure if they got a carpenter or if they managed to get in using the knife they borrowed from me.

Made a meal - nothing really fancy - but better than nothing - cooked up a couple of potatoes - oven baked fries - and some weiners and fresh beans.

After supper I cleaned out the fridge - meaning I got all the science experiments and dumped them - made room for more fresh stuff in my crisper - washed and cut up the strawberries I had bought - had some for dessert - very good.

I then spent an hour shelling 1 kg of peas.

And then I figured I had a few minutes to spare before heading to bed - and opted to update my blog - other option was to do dishes. So my blog is updated and I am headed to bed - want to get to bed 'early' so that I can get up tomorrow and go for a walk - back to exercise - figure my lungs are better enough that I should be able to manage. So I am off to bed to get my much needed beauty sleep - I know, I know, there are not enough hours in the day to help me, but I do persist in trying.

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Lynn said...

LOL! Boy does shelling peas SURE bring back memories of my childhood. We shelled for days and days and there never seemed to be any end of them. We would have a MOUNTAIN of pea shells and only had one ice cream pail full of actual peas to eat. : D