Thursday, January 15, 2009

Went out for dinner - had a wonderful time - good company, great food - got home around 10:30 - was even lucky enough to find a decent place to park my car - YAHOO. That is no mean feat in this part of the world - although I have found it is sometimes easier to find a spot to park later in the evening than it is in the early afternoon - as most people are out and about in the evenings. The drive home was not too chaotic - not quite as bad as it can be during the summer.

Met up with Rod and he directed me to their place - they have a very nice apartment - I did not get to see the whole thing - but I am sure it is very nice. The building is quite small - there is one apartment on each floor - and it is right across from the Egyptian CIA headquarters here in Alex - good neighbours to have - I guess. But it is very quiet - and thank goodness there is parking available - so that is a great thing.

Not a lot more to report - should head to bed soon - as I was up at 4:30 a.m. - and did not have a nap - my throat is letting me know that I have worn it out - I am losing my voice - a very sad state of affairs.

Chatted with Aymn earlier - told him that I wanted to purchase the bookcases from Sharon - then I got the song and dance about expenses going up every month - so told him to forget it. But upon further reflection you know what - I am tired of being the only one that has had to tighten her belt - if he can afford to buy himself a new cell phone - when there was nothing wrong with the old one - he can dang well fork over the money for the bookcases. They are not exactly what I want - but until I get what I want they will do - and then once they are no longer being used as bookcases they are big enough to store a lot of stuff on them - that is the reason I do not think they are what I want for bookcases - they are a lot deeper from front to back as well as the shelves being fairly deep than I would really like them - but in a pinch they will do the trick - and afterwards the will be awesome storage shelves. So tomorrow when I chat with him I will tell him that I will take them. Guess I shouldn't be so nasty - but it irritates me that I get this song and dance that money is tight - but there is money for his new cell phone, money to get his car fixed again and again, money to fix a cell phone for his kid (the cell phone originally cost 5000 LE and was Aymn's - Aymn broke it - and bought himself a new one - but instead of selling the old one he paid over 1500 LE to get it fixed and gave it to his son) so I think I deserve to have shelves so I can put my books and other treasures out.

Night night from Egypt. I am heading to bed.

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Lynn said...

Have fun putting all your books on those new shelves of yours! : D *wink*

Post a pic when it's all done.