Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Reporting in - as I promised myself - I have to be accountable so I am doing it here online. Today I got up and finally did my exercises - did some leg work - took me about 45 minutes to do - did two sets of 10 reps each - worked up a sweat.

Yesterday I sat outside for a bit - did some reading - even ate my lunch outside - weather was great - nice and sunny - minimal wind - so it was warm - felt like an early summer day. I ate really well today - a few 'treats' - but for the most part ate really well. Am running out of veggies and fruit so will have to make another trip to the market to get some more. Bought some swiss chard last week - ate it yesterday - was excellent - will buy some more when I get to the market - if I can find it.

Did not do a lot more today - for some reason my get up and go got up and left me in the dust. Really struggling with my demon depression - slowly but surely am beating it down - when it gets me I need to pick myself up and dust myself off and get moving again - will not let it completely defeat me. So tomorrow is another day.

Will get up tomorrow and go for my walk - and then I am going with Suzanne to the souk - phoned her and asked her if she wanted to come along and she said sure. Really working at spending more time with her - she is a positive person.

That is my big news for the day.


Michele said...

Hey Maureen, I finally got caught up on your blog entries. I guess it is a common goal for all of us to go back to the gym or to exercise for the new year. I have gained since the fall and need to get rid of a few extras. I really love the hat. It is really quite unique. Keep the sprits up and Happy New Year.

Simply Eva said...

Nice to read your frequent updates Maureen. I understand the depression. Am depressed myself--I have no real reason to be but I am. Not sure if it's a winter thing or what. I think I'll be better when we get our own place instead of renting this furnished dump--er--flat--haha. It really isnt bad actually and it's very clean with all new furnishings--but it's certainly not my taste--and nothing beats having your own. Chin up! Am planning to get up to Alex this month. Let's try to chat online! TTYL!

Lynn said...

IT is SO nice to have more frequent reports from you. : D

I think you are doing an excellent job on your goals! Those veggies in plenty over there sure make me envious. And the nice warm sun too!