Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today I managed to get out of bed and go for a walk. Winter is here - again. Although it feels like it may stay around for awhile. Means that it is windier than a fart in a windstorm and quite brisk. Did not get as far as before - but after I started I realized that I am not 100% yet - even with a week off my left butt and leg are still sore - really frustrating - figured it should be better by now. But I did do something.

Got home and had some breakfast after doing my stretches. Had a shower, got dressed and headed out to Carrefour and Fathalla. At Carrefour they had frozen chickens - 1200-1300 g - for 11 LE - a really good price - you can always tell when things are a good price - the shopping carts are full. I bought 3 of them - would have like to have bought more - but do not have anywhere to store any more than that - SIGH - sure do wish I had a freezer - would have bought at least 10 of them - would have lasted quite a few months. I got some prints made from the camera - must go through my pictures and make more prints - I do like to have pictures not just what is on the camera. But I got busy and printed the pictures of my 'friends' at the souk - they have been after me for a copy. Printed a few others as well. Costs .80 LE per print - not bad. At Fathalla I bought ground beef - it is from Argentina - previously frozen - but it is better than the ground beef I bought at Carrefour and a fraction of the price. It was only 14.80 a kg - down from 15.00 - I bought a kg last week and another kg this week - do not dare buy it when Aymn is around - as he will not eat it - little does he know - I just buy it when he is not around - tastes wonderful.

Managed to snag a good parking spot again - my lucky day. Gave the key to the car to Ahmed - the bowab - so he could clean the inside of the car - was much easier when he had a key - then he could clean it whenever he had time - but Aymn pitched a fit and insisted on getting the key back. And of course I cannot communicate with Ahmed to give him a key and just to make sure he does not let Aymn know that he has a key - and besides it would just get him in trouble - so...

After I got most of my groceries away my get up and go deserted me - I am very tired - not really sure why - just feel drained.

Chatted with mom in the afternoon. Such an exciting life they lead - the family up the hill is providing all kinds of drama.

Then I went to Sharon's for a sneak peak at her moving sale. I managed to spend a bit of money - got a fan that I really need as I do not have one - and an ironing board - not that I iron - but Aymn does - we have the iron - so when he wants to iron anything he ends up ironing on the bed - which makes me nervous - especially as he managed to burn the furniture in an apartment when he was at university - ironed something - on the bed - and forgot to turn the iron off - came home from university to a smoldering mess - need I say more.


Lynn said...

Sounds like some GREAT shopping deals you've gotten lately! That would be nice if you had a freezer. Do they sell very many of those there?

I noticed that you're speaking a lot more with "mom". Does that mean you are learning more Arabic? Or is she learning more English? Either way.....that is awesome! So cool.

Michele said...

Glad you are feeling better. That was some bug you got. I think it would be fun to go shopping with you there. Interesting for the culture update.