Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ta da!!!! Today I went for another walk - walked a bit further - but in less time - so things are progressing - walked for about 20 minutes again and then sat and enjoyed the view - must admit it is quite calming to sit and watch the sea - kind of puts things in perspective. It is 11:15 a.m. and I have finished my walk, did my stretches, ate breakfast, watered the garden, had a shower, made my bed (does not seem like a productive thing - but sure does make me 'feel' better), did dishes and tidied the kitchen, and put my clothes away from the other day (will not say which day - I do have problems putting clothes away - no problem washing and drying them - but then they seem to have a problem finding their way back to the drawers) and now I am updating my blog. What to do for the rest of the day????

Yesterday I had issues with the internet - went online early - and lost access due to non-payment of the bill - not my non-payment (mind you I do have to pay for it this month yet) - but the non-payment of my 'provider'. I do not get legal internet - it is pirated from a 'business' that has access - I think he sells it to at least seven or eight people - so he is making lots of money. The fellow is really good - he never cuts me off for non-payment. When I got back from Canada in October - I had not paid for six months - went to pay - and he said I owed 180 LE - told him that I had been out of the country for two months and he said fine - 120 - so I paid him the 120 - will have to go out for a walk later in the day and pay him - only problem is that my walking is first thing in the morning - and of course he is not open. Not much opens around here until after 11 a.m. - if you are lucky. They stay open until 2 or 3 a.m. - so I guess it is understandable - this morning person has yet to acclimate to the society of night owls. Oh well - such is life.

I did not go for a walk yesterday - did some weight training and stretches instead. And I am feeling it today - my upper body and arms are going - E X C U S E M E E E - what do you think you are doing - feels kind of good - as long as I do not focus on the fact that I am so out of shape that the little bit I did is making me sore - just glad I am doing it. After I had my chores around the house done yesterday I went downstairs and visited with Suzanne - Miles challenged me to spend more time with her and do the stairs - sorry did not do the stairs yet - that is on the list of upcoming events - need to be realistic about what I can do - no sense in killing myself so I can not do anything. Had a great visit with her - kids were home - Mawada did not go to school - no one in her class is going as they are prepping for final exams. Mahmoud came home after writing his biology exam - and watched a bit of TV then went to bed to get some sleep. Mohammed was watching TV when I arrived - not sure if he has final exams - he is in Grade Two - so glad I do not have children here - do not think I would do well - especially after raising Miles in Canada - so much easier in so many ways - not that raising him was a piece of cake - but in Canada there are many more services available - and the kids can go out to play - here there is not much chance for them to go out and play and run off steam - very few 'green areas'.

Not much more to report - my life is just so jam packed with thrills - NOT.

P.S. Lynn - you did not give me your recipe for Caesar dressing - I scammed it from your blog -Na-na-na-na