Thursday, January 08, 2009

OW, OW, OW - not sure how to say it in Arabic - but OW. Woke up this morning and my gluteus maximus were stiff - but I went out walking anyhow - not sure why - but my left glute got very sore while I was out walking - my right glute was stiff - but not too bad. Gotta love doing those exercises yesterday - NOT. Oh well - such is life - so now I am suffering with a sore butt and that is a lot of sore. Makes bending over and sitting down and getting up painful - but I will persevere.

Weather today was not great - has been overcast with a few sprinklings of rain.

Suzanne and I went to the souk to get more fruit and vegetables. I got 1/2 kg of spinach - cost 1 LE, as well as some more swiss chard, onions, oranges, strawberries, lemons and bananas. Already have the strawberries sliced and in the fridge. Must admit I do enjoy fruit - just need to remember to eat it. Suzanne is frequently trying to get me into trouble - like I need help - she was threatening to tell the people that I was from Israel - actually told one of the sellers this - and he responded by saying I did not look like an Israeli. Took a few pictures - hope you enjoy them.

This woman is always wanting me to speak to her - today she invited me to visit her in her home.

Anyone want a fresh green bean - only 1 LE per kg.

Not enough light - but this is taro root - not a delicacy I am particularly fond of - very starchy and kind of mushy.

Tomatoes and potatoes.

Want a cow head - there is a butcher at the entrance when we entered into the market - by the time we left there were two heads, eight feet and some innards on the ground - so very appetizing - and of course it will all be sold.
This is Suzanne - tried to get a shot of the souk - hard to do - not a lot of light and I do not like to use the flash as it attracts a lot of attention and I get enough as it is. Part of the souk is 'indoors' and another part is out of doors - the aisles are very narrow and there is a fair amount of pushing and shoving. Next time I will try to remember to take a picture of a tree that is located in the middle of the souk. The souk is located on some vacant ground - they have built it where there is room.

Just a small head of cabbage - that is what is used to make Mashee. Suzanne purchased two of them - got a good price because I took a picture of the 'shop keeper'.
This is the fellow that I usually buy my tomatoes and cucumbers from - and Suzanne got her 'small' cabbages from. Sharon and I ran into him a while ago - she took a picture of him as he was smoking his sheesha - he remembers. The shop keepers are for the most part quite poor and very kind. The minute the camera comes out they are ready to pose. I am very careful to get permission before I take pictures - especially of the women.

After we finished shopping we went to Mom's place - Suzanne shops for her at the same time. Mom was busy making Mashee - Suzanne had started hers yesterday - was in a hurry to get home and finish it - Mawada just brought me a plate of Mashee - it is a lot like cabbage rolls - except they make them really really small - and different spices - they use parsely and dill - they are excellent - but way to much work for me.

Had a grand chat with a 'friend' that lives just outside of Cairo - have never met her in person - but we have chatted a bit online - she is planning on coming to Alex this month - will be great to put a face to the name.
Not much else to report - life is life.

Have been watching all these wonderful shows that tell you how to lose weight, what you should eat, what you should steer clear of - must admit I am getting very confused - will just eat in moderation - and add more vegetables and fruit to my diet. As I said previously I do like fruit - I just 'forget' to eat it. While we were at Mom's I was served two oranges - one would have been lots - but they were small so I was told to eat two - so I did.
I feel as if I am catching a cold - woke up with the usual indicator - back of my throat feels as if I have been swimming in a chlorinated pool - so I am glad that oranges are in season - and am sucking back the Buckley's - seems to work.


Lynn said...

Oh Maureen! That produce market is amazing and so interesting. I could of done without the pic of the cow head though. LOL!

I was blown away by the size of the green pile. And just sitting there too, in the open space. Those cabbages would feed our family for a WEEK!! They are HUGE!

Keep eating those oranges! It's no fun trying to get healthy when you are sick. : S

Michele said...

I love the pics of the souk.It is nice to see the different cultures. What fun.