Friday, January 09, 2009

Today has been a very 'quiet' day. Managed to get three loads of laundry washed and dried - was a great day - now the challenge is to get them folded and put away. Tried a new recipe - scammed from my friend Lynn's blog - not sure I got it quite right - but not bad.

Spent most of my day in bed - woke up feeling not so great - that cold is here - and it is in my sinuses - which makes my teeth ache. Have been doctoring myself with Buckley's and antihistamines - which make me sleepy - which is good - obviously I need lots of sleep - not sure where I picked this bug up from - but wish I had not bothered. Hopefully tomorrow I will have more energy - would not take much - as I am really wiped -and not fighting it - munching on fruit and not much else - do not feel like making the effort to cook - although I do have tomato soup in the fridge - maybe will have some of that in a bit.

Other than that it has been an uneventful day - great day for laundry - nice and sunny with a bit of a breeze - not so windy that it is knocking clothes off the line and blowing them around - had that happen last week - most annoying because of course the clothes have to fall into the only puddle on the deck - so had to rewash - SIGH - just glad that I have my automatic washing machine - definite step up from Libya where I had to hand wash everything.


Lynn said...

Do hope you are feeling better soon.

What recipe did you try? Tell me what went wrong. I will see if I printed it wrong.

Michele said...

We hand washed out at Yahk last summer. We bought a washing machine for 2009 and everybody chipped in so no more hand washing-Yeah!!! Can't wait for summer.