Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alas and alack - I did not have internet access yesterday - 'tis enough to drive a sane person to drink and I am not sane.

Yesterday I chatted with my buddy Sharon - she has finally made the decision and she is heading back to the States - God willing all will turn out for the best for her - but I am sure going to miss her - now I am truly on my own. No longer have a buddy to hang out with - to spend time with - to go places with - SIGH. Best of luck Sharon. Hope we can keep in touch.

I was in a bit of a blue funk yesterday - lost my voice - feeling kind of crummy and really wondering what in sam hill I am doing here - bottom line is I need to do some major soul searching and make a decision or two in my life - had sort of opted for hanging tough for one more year and seeing what comes about - but now I am on the proverbial see saw. I do not like being indecisive - so I need to make a decision and soon. Either way and just get on with it.

Yes, Lynn, it does feel grand to get rid of some of the 'clutter' - not that I have a lot of it - at least not compared to what I had in Canada - but according to my husband I have way too much stuff - little does he know. Of course one of the reasons he says I have too much stuff is because I have nowhere to put my books and magazines - and of course I do have those - no way can I live without them. In fact I am seriously contemplating having the Ensign sent to me here - especially as I now know that things can be delivered to my home address - no guarantee though that they will make it - but one can only try.

I hit the hay last night around 6 - could not stay up any longer - had the beginnings of a migraine - only drawback is that I woke up really early - SIGH. Was trying to stay asleep - but gave up and got up and as I could get online I figured I would go through my emails and work on my blog - also want to see if I can find a recipe for Ranch Salad Dressing. Strangely enough Aymn really likes it and I did not bring back enough mixes with me last trip - silly woman - so figured I would see what I could find online. And if I get tired I will go for a snooze later on.

I have been invited out for dinner tonight - think I will go - now the big decision is how do I get there - likely not much in the way of parking - and I have no idea where these people live - decisions, decisions - but of course a taxi will cost money and on a Thursday there is no guarantee that you will find one to take you home at night - so.....

Weather has been a bit 'strange' according to the locals - has been windy and sunny - as usual warmer outside than inside my flat - one drawback to living on the top floor and being the only apartment - no respite.

Not much on the homefront - will keep you posted.

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Lynn said...

And I thought I HAD some hard decisions to make. No fun, eh? HAng in there. I know you will make the right ones for YOU!

As for the Ensign....if it doesn't reach your address there is always the net you can read on-line....that is when it's running. : D