Monday, January 12, 2009

It has been an interesting two days.

Yesterday I got up went for my walk - my left glute and down the back of my leg to my knee were 'tender' - not as bad as it was - but I certainly knew they were there - whereas my right leg and butt were just fine - go figure. Did my stretches. Had my breakfast then showered, made my bed and headed out to do some shopping - needed just a couple of things - yeah right - came back with two bags full of things. Found celery and broccoli at Carrefour - so bought some celery - plan on freezing it for when I want it for soups - and a bit of brocolli for a stir fry or something. Also found some granola - was expensive - but then it is very pricey here - and for 1.2 kg it was not such a bad price - I like to have it in the house for when I am in a hurry - or want something - but do not want to cook. Then over to Fathalla to get the last few things - did better there - but still added up.

Got home a bit after noon - chatted with my friend Margaret online until around 2 when Mawada came up for more tutoring. After we finished with the English she took out her Arabic and sat and read until after 4. I make a chicken stir fry for supper - was quite good.

Started to feel really punky - thought I had licked the cold - but no such luck. Went to bed fairly early - slept quite well.

Aymn had called me Saturday and told me that someone would be coming over to pick up a piece of paper that I had that he needed for court. No one showed up - but I did not stay home - which turned out to be a good thing as when I talked to him today he informed me that he had sent a message that the court date was for February 11 not January - of course I did not receive the message. He went to Bengazi yesterday to start the process for getting his work permit - to find out that the office that is responsible for this is under 'maintenance' - so after waiting for 3 weeks to have the work permit from Bengazi he is going to have to head to Tripoli anyhow - which he will not be doing until next week sometime. Needless to say I am not a happy camper - I am so tired of the 'lies' - which he does not admit to - they have this idea that by telling you what you want to hear and then doing whatever they want to - it is not lying - unfortunately in my book it is lying - so he had not intention of being back here for Christmas. So today has not been a good day - feeling punky because of the cold and then this added on top - did not do my weight training.

Did manage to get the celery washed, cut and bagged and put in the freezer. Then juiced the lemons I bought on Thursday so I can have hot lemon and honey - something I am sucking back to help my throat - a bit better tasting than Buckley's. Ended up taking a two hour snooze this afternoon - also did a bit of laundry before my snooze. Must admit I do hesitate to take snoozes because it takes me so long to 'recover' from one - feel so groggy and no energy - but I did and I had some tomato soup for supper. Then I did dishes and actually did all of them - including cleaning the countertops and putting things away - kitchen looks much better. Also brought in the laundry that I had washed. Toying with the idea of vacuuming - will see how I feel. Sure do hope that I can get out for a walk tomorrow.

Have a friend coming over to pick up some things - they are gathering clothing and any household goods for the people in Gaza - there is a mosque that is sending things on Friday - so will thin out my clothing - actually will be getting rid of 70% of what I have - makes more room for my 'new' things - when I get around to having them made.

That is my news for the last couple of days - such an exciting life I lead.

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Lynn said...

*sigh* Your trips to the open markets for fresh food sounds so fun and heavenly.

I can't imagine sucking back lemon juice though! I bet your lips are in a constant pucker state. LOL!

Thanks for sharing the news of your donation for the people in GAZA. I read about their situation daily in the Herald. I cannot imagine. There are several of their family members here in Calgary. They, along with several supporters, have held vigils and rallies downtown too. I don't know what good it will do, but at least people are being kept aware. I count my blessings every day.