Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yesterday was another 'quiet' day. Suzanne phoned to let me know that she would not be able to come to the souk with me as her uncle had passed away - this is her Uncle Samir on her mom's side - the one I have not met as I am not allowed to meet Mom's side of the family. I phoned Aymn to let him know - because I figured no one else would - I should have not bothered - after all - if I am not 'allowed' to be part of that family what business is it of mine. Anyhow - I did - and Amel and Ahmed went to pay their respects (this I found out from big Mohammed) . Aymn phoned me and told me that he had gotten in touch with Suzanne and everyone was at Suzanne's - so I should go visit - not sure why he felt I needed to go - but I did - wanted to at least pass along my condolences to mom and Suzanne and Gehan. Mom was actually sleeping - as she had not slept at night. So I visited with Gehan and the kids - Suzanne was busy in the kitchen cooking for them. They were supposed to be back by 5:30 or 6 - they left around 7. Gotta love Egyptian time - it is even 'better' than Mormon Standard time. After they left I came back upstairs - Mawada, little Mohammed and Esraa (Gehan's youngest) came up with me to see the cat - Esraa was afraid of him - Mawada was pretty good with him - Mohammed of course was a disaster with the cat - he is unable to be patient - he is always in a hurry - which of course translates to an uptight cat. They did not stay long.

About five minutes after they had left there was a knock on the door - Penny and her friend Gillian had come by for a quick little visit. Gillian has just purchased a flat in the next area over from me - and Penny wanted to show off my garden. They stayed for about 20 minutes - Gillian does not like cats - so of course Mish Mish was all over her.

I ended up staying up later than I had anticipated - had been dragging all day - but got hooked on a few TV shows. Could not figure out why I was so stiff - my legs were killing me - was anxious that I might be developing cellulitis again - because I could not remember any reason for being in so much pain - then it dawned on me - on Friday I had had to walk down the 15 flights of stairs as someone was hogging the elevator - and my legs were complaining.

It has been danged chilly here the last couple of days - yesterday I resorted to wearing my yellow hug - must admit it does give the family a charge when I wear my hugs - they are so bright - and of course they do not wear bright colours. It is nice and sunny today - yesterday was a great day for laundry - I had two loads - was quite windy and sunny - so everything dried in short order. Today there is not much wind - so I need to vacuum and dust - was thinking about doing it yesterday - but with the sand flying around did not think it made much sense to vacuum and dust when the sand was just coming in through the windows and doors. Such an exciting life I lead.


Lynn said...

"Better than Mormon Standard time." LOL! Good one! : D

Rhonda said...

I hate all that sand and wind. I dont like it at all. At least in Alex u are by the water. That also makes it more humid and damp. The temperature feels colder then. I like that u are posting more regularly. Enjoying it.