Thursday, January 22, 2009

Between having visitors and the internet not working properly I missed a couple of days. So I will recap.

Tuesday I woke up bright and early - just shortly after five - planned on going for a walk - got up and figured that walking at that hour was not something I wanted to do - so posted on my blog, went through my emails and then started working on the 5kg of tomatoes that I had bought for making spaghetti sauce - they were calling me from the crisper. I HAD to deal with them - they should have been dealt with on Saturday as the tomatoes were very ripe - but .... my get up and go had abandoned me. So I figured I would make the spaghetti sauce and then head out for a walk - after all I had all day - not like I HAVE to go first thing in the morning - so I dug in and got the spaghetti sauce made - takes 3 hours per batch and I had enough tomatoes for 2 batches - so 6 hours were spent making spaghetti sauce. Have enough sauce made for two batches of eggplant parmesan, 3 pizzas and a couple of meals of sauce and pasta - figured I could make meatballs to go with the sauce as making it with sausage is out of the question here. Five kg of tomatoes in 7 jars - sure does compact them. Need to get some more onions - as I used all the onions I have - and I really do not like not having onions in the house - they are a staple. While the 2nd batch of sauce was cooking I made blue cheese dressing. After I had finished canning the 2nd batch I hard boiled 13 eggs and pickled them (another staple I have in the house - such a quick meal). Then it was time for my walk - only Margaret had arrived - saved by the bell - she arrived with two more cats in tow - she had left her cat Tootoose at home - a woman who moved here less than a year ago had purchased two cats - 'purebred' siamese brother and sister act - and is now heading back to the States with her new husband in tow - so Margaret jumped at the chance to have the female so she could breed Tootoose and have kittens - her family here is very taken with Tootoose and they all want his kittens. The male is headed for Margaret's stepdaughter - only problem being that she is in the middle of writing mid term exams and does not want him for two weeks. Margaret was working at figuring out what to do with Mish mish and I said he could stay here for two weeks - her options were to leave her with her BIL fiancee who already has a cat if not more - only problem is that the cats spend time outside and this one is not to go outside - as he would likely get lost because he would not associate the new place as his home - or she could take him home and deal with the fights between the two males and also the little female is starting to go into heat - and she does not want brother to impregnate her - so I opened my mouth and said he could stay here for two weeks until Esraa (stepdaughter) is ready for him. He is a very nice cat - very affectionate.

I made spaghetti alfredo for supper and then after I did up the dishes and we watched Obama's inauguration speech we picked up Suzanne and headed to Sharon's place. Margaret took Popeye so Sharon wanted her to spend some time with him so he would at least 'know' her, Suzanne wanted to shop at Sharon's place. Thank God Popeye took a real shine to Margaret - went to her within minutes - usually takes him longer to warm up - but he really likes Margaret - which certainly put Sharon's mind at rest. Anyhow - Suzanne shopped and bought lots of treasures. And of course Margaret shopped as well - leaving a fairly large pile on one of the spare beds - to be picked up on Wednesday when Mustafa (hubby) came to get her and Popeye and the turtle and the bride for their cat.

Stopped in at Suzanne's for a bit after we finished shopping then finally made it home - it was after 11 when we got back. Hit the hay around midnight - and I left my bedroom door open and of course had company - so did not get a lot of sleep - I am so unused to sharing my bed that having the cat laying on me kept waking me up - and of course I am not a very restful sleeper - I do a lot of tossing and turning - so he had to keep moving.

Got up around 8 yesterday morning (Wednesday) and made coffee for Margaret. Phone rang - it was Sharon - she had just received an email from her landlady telling her that she would be by around 10 - no reason given - so I invited Sharon over for breakfast and she came over promptly. I cooked up potatoes and scrambled eggs - had planned on an omelet but I do not have the knack for making a 5 egg omelet - put some ham (smoked turkey breast) and broccoli in it - cats liked it as did the humans. Phone rang and it was Suzanne - Gehan wanted to go over to Sharon's place and look at her stove that is for sale - I said okay - should have let Sharon talk to her - as it was not a good idea - SIGH. Oh well - sorry about that Sharon.

Anyway then we were off to Sharon's place where more shopping happened - and Mustafa came and got Margaret and Popeye and the turtle and all the treasures that she found. Hit me hard - in my head I knew she was leaving - but this really brought it home - I am sure going to miss her - even though she seems to believe that the only person who will think of her is Margaret. That kind of stings - as I had hoped we were good enough friends that she would know how much I am going to miss her - have told her -but obviously she does not believe me.

I got home around 2 and went to bed - I was just knackered. Woke up around 4 - and of course it took me awhile to feel human again - must say I envy people who can sleep in the afternoon and wake up all revved and ready to go. I just sat around - could not get online until just before I had a date with my mom online - thank goodness the internet finally worked. Must say it is frustrating to me when I want to use it and I cannot - especially when it says it is connected but I cannot access it. Chatted for a bit with my mom and then vegged in front of the TV with my new lap warmer keeping a very small part of me warm.

Headed for bed around 9 - this time I closed my bedroom door - and thank goodness he did not caterwaul at my door - he just went to the 2nd bedroom and curled up on the bed and slept.

There, now I am all caught up.


Lynn said...

SHEESH! You've been busy!!!

I must are braver than I am for babysitting a cats. I don't think I could do that. : D

Michele said...

Welcome to my world. My cat, Tanzy, sleeps on me all the time. In fact, I usually toss and turn until she plops herself down on me. It's like I need to know where she is at before I go to sleep. You will get used to it in time and will miss the cat when it doesn't sleep with you.