Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today I woke up a bit later than 'usual' - got busy after I posted last night and cleaned up the kitchen, vacuumed the apartment and washed the kitchen floor - one drawback to ceramic tile - sure does show the grease from cooking. Did not go for a walk - my cold has gotten worse - so figured I would pamper myself until I feel better - no sense in pushing my luck.

Rose and Louise showed up a bit after 10 - we had a good visit - my closet is now just about empty -made room for my new clothes - now Aymn cannot ask why I need more clothes when the closet is jam packed - anything I had not worn over the last 12 months got sent out - well not quite everything - I do have a few dresses that I wear only in the winter - so .... Felt good to get rid of some of the 'clutter'.

Went downstairs and visited with Suzanne and family for a bit. Sadeek has asked me to talk to Mahmoud because he is not studying - not sure why they think I have any sway - but will not hurt to try.

Has been a quiet day - working at accepting life as it is and not stewing about things I have no control over. Did manage to water the garden - now it will likely rain - such is life.

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Lynn said...

Oh the day just seems ten times better when clutter is gone out of the closets, eh? : D