Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today was another quiet day. Managed to get my bedding washed and dried - weather was good for it - nice and sunny and a good breeze - do enjoy being able to dry my clothes outside - love the fresh feeling of the clean 'crisp' bedding. Not that the bedding gets all the dirty - as I shower every night before I crawl into it - but it is just the idea of it.

Did not do a lot today - did manage to do the dishes from the last couple of days. Even managed to eat properly. Ate the last of my eggplant parmesan - was sooo good - do not think Aymn would enjoy it much as there is no meat in it - just lots of cheese. Had not made it for over five years - before I left Canada - the cheese is expensive - but every once in a while - what the heck.

My niece Mawada came up for some tutoring in English - they are preparing for final exams. At least she has done all the work - she is just doing the exams that are included in the book - unlike her elder brother who is so far behind he thinks he is coming in first. Oh well - such is life. Mawada is a real sweety - such a soft hearted young lady - she is growing - amazing how that happens. I can tell she has not been around me enough as she has slipped back into the bad habit of pronouncing the 'th' as an 's' sound. Will whip her into shape.

Forgot to mention that yesterday morning I found a cockroach on the floor by the front door - it was on it's back - so it was easy to kill it - wonder how it got there - was wondering if maybe I picked it up while I was at the souk - and it fell off my outer clothes - oh well does not really matter - all that matters is that it is dead.

That is my life in a nutshell. Am feeling a bit better today. Tomorrow I have to get back to walking - thank goodness my glutes have recovered - at least they are not nearly as sore as they were - will see how things go tomorrow.


Layla/Colls said...

It's great to see you posting more often. :) The eggplant sounds great!

Love and Hugs!

Michele said...

It's kinda neat that you posted for jan 10 (probably did it in the evening) and I got to read it on the morning of the tenth. Time delay. Oh a cockroach, that is my biggest phobia-rats as well. I wouldn't be able to sleep very well. Good for you exercising. I've started up at the gym again. Keep yuor chin up.

Lynn said...

I agree with Michele! Rats and Cockroaches are = !!!!!!