Friday, January 23, 2009

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a 'quiet' day - did not do much of anything - my kitchen looks like a cyclone hit it - but I just did not care.

Spent four hours at Toyota waiting for them to fix my car. Aymn had taken the car in before he left and they said they would call when the 'specialist' was in - to ascertain whether the damage was because of faulty parts or just normal wear and tear. Got there about 10 minutes late - traffic was atrocious - and then sat and waited - inside - which I do not like as 99% of the customers are male and of course 80% of them smoke like chimneys. Around 3 Aymn called and asked what I was doing - told him - he talked with the receptionist - who said it would be just a few more minutes - I opted to sit in the car until they were ready for me - sat there for over an hour - thank goodness I had had the foresight to bring a couple of magazines and some water - so at least I had something to do. The specialist finally came to the car and started going over the windshield that has been damaged - he asked me what had happened - told him I did not really know - had parked it and there was nothing - next day it had this wonderful mess in it - figured someone had dropped something from their balcony and it had hit the car. He thanked me for my honesty - turns out most people would have tried to pass it of as a faulty windshield - wonder if that is why Aymn mentioned it - but I know it is not because the windshield is faulty - just the people in this great country. He then asked me what else was wrong - told him that my husband had told me that a strut needed looking at - of course nobody bothers to tell me anything about my car - I am but a stupid woman who would not understand - and to top it off I am from the West - double whammy. He got in the car - turned the steering wheel - trying to get it to 'clunk' - told him it does not happen when the car is stationery - and not all the time - it is intermittent - so he asked if he could take the car for a test drive - said sure - so he and the MANAGER went for a drive - came back and told me that there was a clunk and it was not all the time - hmmm - where have I heard this before - so they finally took the car into the shop - after 4:30 - and there I stood outside - no way was I going back into the waiting area. I had also been smart and slathered myself with insect repellant as the area is full of mosquitoes. So I stood outside and read - until someone came and brought me a chair. One of the engineers came out and asked me where the registration was - told him it was in the car - then he asked me for the keys - told him they were in the car as well - really on the ball. Finally got the car at 5:30 as they were closing up - they asked me if I wanted to wait another 10 minutes while the washed the car - told them no thanks. When the engineer brought the car back I was told I have to take it in in a month to have the shock absorber greased - I do not think he was intending on telling me what the problem was - but I asked - so he told me they had to replace a shock absorber. Drove the car home - no clunking - YEAH. Even managed to find a place to park the car - down the block from my place - but I really do not care as long as it is within walking distance and off the main road.

Got home a little after 6 and warmed up some food to eat - had not eaten lunch - so I was hungry - go figure. Then I did not much else - sat with the cat in my lap - he sure is a friendly little thing. He spent the night with me - not sure I will do that again - can not quite figure out whether I should just close my door or try to get used to having him sleeping with me - decisions, decisions - it is a tough life - LOL.

Tried to post last night - but my internet crashed and I could not be bothered fighting for more than 30 minutes to get it back - hit the hay around 10. Tried to read - but the cat kept insisting on laying on my chest right in front of the book - so I gave up.

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Lynn said...

Thanks for your comments Maureen. I do feel much better in the light of today now. Funny how that goes. It just gives me better perspective of everything. I feel like I can face another day....and I appreciate knowing I have a friend who cares.

I just HATE waiting ALL day at a car repair shop. Too bad you had to do that. I pictured, bugs, smokers in shop.....ugh! That would have been a rotten day! Good for you for just seeming to take it all in stride. Smart woman for taking some reading material. I am going to have to get smarter, I think. : D