Sunday, February 01, 2009

Has been a 'busy' few days - Thursday I had the dinner party - which turned out to be a very intimate gathering - only 1 guest showed - but we had a good time. Angela and her family are from Calgary - they have a house in Marda Loop - they have been working in this neck of the woods - Qatar - for the past 3 years - and stayed in Alex for 4 months trying to decide what their next move was to be - they had planned on continuing to work in this part of the world - but Rod - her husband - has been unable to find anything - he went back to Qatar for a job - but for a multitude of reasons found the position to be untenable so he and their daughter headed back to Calgary yesterday (Saturday) and Angela and Ben (their 15 year old son) will be heading back on February 15. We had a really enjoyable evening - the food was good and the company was even better. You should have seen the look on my 'neighbour's' faces as we walked to the main street so Angela could get a taxi to head home - she was wearing my funky Christmas hat and I was wearing my moose hat - thought people were going to fall off their chairs - or at least strain their necks - LOL.

Unfortunately Friday I crashed and burned - was really bummed out - major effort to get out of bed. Did not do much of anything - did manage to do two loads of laundry and that was about it. Went to lay down in the afternoon and there was knocking at my door - went to answer it and it was the fellow wanting money for the electric bill - 84 LE - and I could not pay it as I do not have any money. Aymn has been promising to send me the rest of my household allowance for 3 weeks - still have not collected it. Was supposed to go to manshaya on Thursday morning and get it - I finally agreed and then all of a sudden he is making other arrangements - he is going to borrow the money from his baby sister Shereen - so after riding my @$$ for 3 days about going to Manshaya - me thinking the money was there all I had to do was gird my loins and suck it up and go get it - it was never there - so still no money - I have 28 LE to my name - I really do HATE this situation. I do not like asking for money - never having had to do it before the last year - and I really do not like having to continually ask for what is supposed to be due me.

Got up yesterday and checked my email - as is my routine - and in my email a 'friend' had kindly sent a picture of our grad class - such a sweety - I emailed her and thanked her profusely for 'making' my day - she in turn proved she has a mean streak a mile wide - she sent me our Grade 10 group shot - OUCH. What a hoot. Margaret came over for a visit a bit after noon so I had to get up and do dishes and clean the kitchen and dining room. First thing was she had some fresh brewed coffee (I am so bad - I keep haram things in my home) and a piece of carrot cake - the cake turned out really well - bu the cream cheese icing is way to sweet - need to find another recipe - the main reason she came was for the carrot cake - see I have to bribe people with food for them to come visit me - SIGH. We ate the last of the Bruschetta - a definite keeper as a recipe. Sharon came over around 4 or so and around 6 - after Mustafa phoned and said he was on his way to pick Margaret and cat up - we had supper. Thank goodness it was just leftovers - made another batch of alfredo sauce and cooked up the pasta and warmed up some of the leftover chicken - did not take long. After we finished eating Mustafa called and Margaret and I headed downstairs to Suzanne's place to pick up the cat and they were on their way. Came back upstairs and Sharon and I visited until a bit after nine. During dinner Aymn had given me a missed call - which meant he was online and I was supposed to get online to chat with him - needless to say I did not promptly go and get online.

After Sharon left I got online and Aymn was still there - not that we could chat as there was something funky with the network - so he asked me to wait so he could go to a cybernet and we could chat - I had planned on going to bed early - so much for that one. Things are not going well for him in Libya - and of course I sit back and look at what is going on with him and I think KARMA. I am not surprised that his business is having major problems - but of course he does not see that his past actions are the cause of his problems now.

So I am up and about this morning - we are heading to Mohmodaya - Suzanne, Gehan and I - finally going to see the tailor to get the fabric made up into something to wear - not really sure I should bother as I am not sure how much longer I will be here - but may as well get them made up - so I have something to wear for as long as I am here. Need to get some dishes done - man I do hate the fact that when you eat there are always dishes. And my day was started in a wonderful way again - my 'buddy' managed to dig up the class photo from Grade 11 and sent it - THANKS so much.

Grade 10 - Pinawa Secondary School - 1973

Grade 11 - Pinawa Secondary School - 1974

Grade 12 Grad - Pinawa Secondary School - 1975


Lynn said...

WOW! Maureen! You have been SO busy in the kitchen! Everything sounds SO delish. Too bad there weren't that many that showed up....but it looks like it was better for you two to get to know each other. Sounds like she is as much a HOOT as you are! You little devils with the Christmas hats on. LoL!

That was fun looking at your high school photos. Please tell me which one you are! The pics are TOO tiny for me to truly make each person out.

on the edge said...

I would have given my right leg to have seen the two of you walking down the street in those hats !!! LOL !!!