Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is for Lynn - this is my Grade 12 Grad picture. Where has the time gone? I want to thank Teri Jones for starting this trek down memory lane - not really sure that I appreciate it but it has been kind of fun. My mom made my dress - I moved it around with me for a lot of years. I did not go to the dinner or the dance - as I had too many guests for the dinner and the dance did not really hold much interest - had spent too many dances as a wallflower. Had a small gathering at home instead.


Lynn said...

Maureen! Your mom is a wonderful seamstress! That dress is BEAUTIFUL! And so are you.. I could easily recognize you in that photo.

Thanks for sharing it!

on the edge said...

Lovely YOU ! Your dress was so pretty . I really can't imagine you as a Wall flower at all !Get a look at the guys suit !