Monday, February 02, 2009

Yesterday we went to Mohmodaya (no idea how to spell it - so it is spelled various ways in my blog) to finally meet with the 'tailor'. Suzanne and Gehan came along as well. Suzanne had left fabric for her daughter's trousseau (daughter is going to be 12) - she was not happy with what was done with the fabric - not sure exactly what is going to go on with that - but..... Gehan had a dress that needed some repair work done to it - there was a lace inset and the lace had disentegrated - so Ibrahim fixed it for her. I can go next week and pick up a couple of dresses - will be nice to have more than one 'wrap' dress - I do love wearing them - much easier just to throw it on over my indoor clothes and go out rather than having to change everything every time I want to go out. Since I got my two 'wrap dresses - I just about live in them when I head out - and of course I left one of them in Canada - cutting down on what I was bringing back so I could bring back more of the goodies I had purchased - so while I am here and when Aymn is around he is complaining because I wear only the one thing - don't I have any more clothes - and I do - but I am spoiled - much prefer just throwing it on over whatever I am wearing and heading out - rather than taking off what I am wearing and then putting on something else.
After we finished at Ibrahim's we did some shopping for produce - what an experience that was - if one could only record the smells - the town is basically a farming town - and the most common mode of moving their produce is by donkey or horse cart - so ..... Prices have increased there as well as here - Suzanne wanted to stock up on olives - when she lived there the kg was for 4 or 5 LE - now it is 8 to 10 LE - so she did not buy any - as it is the same price here. And another wonderful thing there - are the flies - they were just swarming all over the produce - now I do not mind that when I can really scrub at the stuff - but the strawberries and dates - no way - did not buy any even though they looked delish - the flies turned me off. The strawberries were the same price as in Alex - the dates were cheaper - but no thanks - I will buy my dates in a package - likely twice the price - but at least the flies have not been tracking around them - at least to my knowledge - and what I don't know doesn't bother me - I just do not think too deeply or I would starve to death the way things are in this country - hmmm - that might be a good thing.
I recorded the road outside of Ibrahim's place - as well as took photos of the steps up to his place. Hope to be able to upload them. Tried to upload the video - did not work - oh well - at least I tried.

These stairs are very daunting. Do not like the fact that there is no handrail.

And then the last steps have 'treasures' stored on them - making it even more of a danger.

Lynn requested that I 'show' where I was in the high school pictures because she could not see me - a good thing in my book - but I cropped them and these are for you Lynn. The grad pic is really bad because I was hidden quite well - a good thing. Will ask my dad if he can scan my grad individual grad pic and send it to me and then we can have another good laugh.

OMG - Grade 10 - gotta love the hair. Had not been allowed to grow my hair until I was in Grade 8 - what a mess.

Grade 11 - hair is getting shorter.

I am well hidden in this pic. My hair was about the same length as in Grade 11 - I had slept in big rollers so my hair would be curly - but had to pull it back because it was so humid the hair did not dry. What a day.


Lynn said...

Oh Maureen! You are a CUTIE! I honestly don't know why you hesitate showing your pics! Thanks for "zooming" them in for me!

Those stairs......WOW! talk about scary! No handrail?? You are brave! I don't know if I would have done it.

P.S. I don't think I would of bought any produce with Fly "stuff" all over them either. Ewwww!

HEBA said...

egianqueen , you're beatiful and still you are, you have a wonderful smile :)

My best regards

egianqueen said...

Aw garsh - thanks so much for the compliments. I am now blushing. LOL.

on the edge said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the enlargements ! Funny about those class pictures and the memories they bring back when you look at them huh ? Those stairs look a treat , NOT ! Be careful ! Send us a picture of the new clothes when you get them . I don't remember going out being the hassle that it is here , the dressing and the undressing , with the re dressing once you get back home . One of the reasons I hate to leave the apartment !