Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Woo hoo - today I finally got the money that was sent to me on Monday. I waited until after 12:30 on Monday to arrive at the bank - decided to walk there as it was a nice day - and I could use the exercise - it is about 5 km away - took me 45 minutes to walk. Got there and after being sent on a wild goose chase was finally told the money was not there - needless to say I lost it - was in tears - got out of the bank - phoned Aymn and he told me to go back and wait as it would arrive before closing time. I walked home instead. After a few phone calls from Aymn and chatting with him online where I was told that he did not need any more stress in his life this week until things got sorted out - I turned the cell phone off and did not answer the house phone - he called a lot of times. But I figured the best way to not add any more stress to his life was to not talk to him. He sent me an offline message to the effect that he could not understand why I was not answering the phone - yeah right.

The sea was beautiful today.

See that 'yacht' in the distance - imagine cruising the Mediterranean on a day like this. And the kids playing in the sand - to be so carefree again.

Dont'cha just wish you were sitting on the beach enjoying the water and the sun - I know I do.

Tuesday I got up and was at the bank by 8:30 - nobody around - well I guess there were four customers in the place - but no long lineups - so asked and was told after 5 minutes of searching on the computer that there was no money - suggested that I get the transfer number. Phoned Aymn again - and told him no money - told me go to back and wait - told him I was not going back again - as I had started to make bread - and I could not leave it. I had been craving peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches for three days - and did not think raisin bread would do as the bread. The bread turned out really well - made 25 'pieces' of which 21 puffed up like they are supposed to. Promptly had two peanut butter and dill pickle 'sandwiches'. Took 10 pieces down to Suzanne as I did not need that much bread - plus I did not have room to store that much in the freezer. She wanted to know how I knew that she needed bread. Her kids are on mid term break and all they do is play and eat - she usually gets 10 breads a day and that lasts - but the kids are devouring it before the afternoon meal. Had a nice visit with her. Got home around 4:30 - went down around 2:00 - there were 7 missed calls on my cell phone and 1 call on the land line - all from Aymn. Gave him a call and he called back - wanting to know where I had been - told him that I had gone down to Suzanne to take her some bread - asked my why I did not take my cell phone - told him I did not think of it - asked me if it was so heavy to carry with me. Unfortunately for him I do not think of it as an appendage that I cannot live without - if I go to visit Suzanne I rarely take it with me as I am busy visiting. I am not SO important that I have to be at the phone's beck and call 24/7.

Today I went to the bank again early - and lo and behold the money had arrived. Asked when it had arrived - was told it arrived yesterday just before closing - so much for sitting around and waiting for it to arrive. The woman told me it usually only takes 5 minutes - but there was a problem with their system. Next time should only take 5 minutes - not going to hold my breath for that one. After she took a p/c of my passport and printed out the transfer sheet I was taken to a window where I had to print my name and sign 3 times - told the guy that I should get paid every time I had to sign - not good enough to sign on the front of the document - also had to sign on the back of the thing. Also wanted my number and my address once he ascertained that I was a resident of Alex. Finally got the money - woo hoo. Phoned Sharon and went to pick her up - got some gas - and headed off to Carrefour - got a few groceries then went out for lunch - figured I 'deserved' a treat and then we went to see a movie - they were showing Madagascar 2 - and I needed a bit of levity - has been a stressful week - so we went and watched it. Aymn called - wanted to know if I was home yet - told him no - I was in a movie theatre going to watch a movie - told him I would call him when I was home and then we could chat. Called him when I got home - 3.5 hours ago - still no word from him - he is not happy that I had the nerve to waste money - at least that is the attitude I got from him on the phone - but tough noogies - I 'deserved' a treat - it has been a cruddy week.

This is how parking is done - hate to be the first one in.

As I was parked the milk truck arrived to deliver milk to the 'corner' store.

A clearer shot of the milk cans - notice the wonderful refrigeration - and the milk has not been pasteurized.

Please notice the eggs and the 'cooler' they are kept in.

And last but not least - an Egyptian 'street cleaner'. This is how the streets are kept clean. At least the workers are guaranteed work as the people here are real pigs - they throw everything on the ground - people even dump stuff off their balcony - one has to be careful walking the streets - you can be hit by flying dirty diapers - LOVE IT.

Tomorrow I need to stay home and get some cooking done - need to get back to eating better. Must admit that when I am not in a good frame of mind my eating habits bite big time - would be so nice to have someone here doing the cooking - or even to have to cook for someone - but just for myself - sucks big time to cook.


PM said...

Oh Maureen.....

Is this the life you want or what you think you deserve? Being alone without marital aggravation is so much better than being alone WITH marital aggravation.

You know that I was in a similar marriage but now that I am out of it I realize I didn't really lose anything -- except my self-esteem while I was in it. Now I realize I am worth much more and I am getting what I deserve: happiness, peace of mind, affection and companionship (none of which were present in my marriage for more than 1-2 days at a time every 3-5 weeks)

I think you are worth so, so, so much more!


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Man, Mo. That man has should be at his beck and call, but he so infrequently returns the favour. I echo PM's sentiment...

Lynn said...

Oh Maureen!!! Good for YOU!!!! You TOTALLY deserve a "treat" ! And what a SMALLY treat it was! Not like it was an expensive get away at all. I am SO sorry that you had to be reduced to tears waiting for money that was needed SO badly. My blood boils just reading that.

I did the happy dance though, when I read you GOT your money AND you spent some teeny tiny portion of it on some fun! GOod for you.

Thanks for those Pictures! I love it when you send stuff like that. I can picture your life there in Egypt better. Cool! Not cool that GARBAGE is dumped on your head though! LOL! Yuck!

on the edge said...

Loved the pictures !!! Am soooo glade you finally got your money too ! Love the fact that you become " unavailable " at times to hubby !They just don't get it do they ? LOL ! Take care Lady ! OTE