Thursday, February 12, 2009

As I sit here listening to all the music I just uploaded onto iTunes I figured I might as well post my busy day.

I went over to Sharon's today and we did the 'Goddess' workout - a belly dancing workout - figured I had the belly - but what a humbling experience - talk about not being coordinated - this is going to be a challenge - wonder how sore I will be tomorrow or the day after. Had a good visit - had a cup of tea and then headed home.

Got home and went to sit outside - it was a bit overcast so the sun was not all that hot so I busied myself with sweeping part of the balcony - the part that is nearest the door - the sand and garbage really pile up in that corner. After that I decided to get busy and weed one of my potted plants - so much grass was growing in it that it looked like a lawn - that needed mowing - so I got the grass out - soil is still wet from the rain. Then I was so ambitious that I did two more - at least I was moving around and getting a bit of sun at the same time.

Had supper then got on the computer. While I was at Sharon's I went through her CD library and brought 15 or so CD's back home to upload onto my iTunes so that I can put them on my Ipod. Now I am listening to the music. Have 454 songs - 1.2 days worth of music. Now I need to get my speakers hooked up to the computer so I can just play music all day long - like having a radio station without any of the talking. Still have lots of my own music to put on my iTunes - and then I can get busy and weed through the music and organize it - I have a folder for workout music - good beat so that it motivates me to MOVE.

It is now after 11 p.m. - past my bedtime - so I best head for some much needed beauty sleep - like there is enough time for me to get beautiful - but hey I keep on trying.


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Lynn said...

You rock the modern world! I still have no clue how to run itunes, or know how an ipod works. Is it DOWNLOAD music or UPLOAD's all so confusing to me. Go Maureen! : D