Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thursday was another quiet day. Did not go out at all. Spent my time at home - not doing much of anything. Did go outside and sit and read and get a few more rays of sun - also actually went and weeded a bit in the rose garden - have the scratches to prove it.

Friday woke up with lots of energy - did a load of laundry - had breakfast - did dishes - tidied up the kitchen - made banana bread - was going to eat two bananas for my fruit first thing in the morning and could only gag one of them down - they were over ripe for me to eat - so banana bread they became. On Thursday while vegging in front of the TV I watched a Nigella Lawson show and she made chocolate chocolate chip cookies - so I made them as well. They did not turn out all that well - kind of dry - not sure what the problem was - but man they sure do cure your craving for chocolate - not only are there chocolate chips - but in the dough you put 1/2 cup or so of melted dark chocolate and 1/3 of a cup of cocoa - next time I may add more butter. I also managed to vacuum the whole place - did not do it all at once - go most of it done before Sharon came over for a visit - and then finished my bedroom before I hit the hay - left the vacuum in the bedroom so I was tripping over it. Also managed to get the clothes put away that I had washed on Wednesday. While Sharon was here I even figured out why my speakers for the computer did not work - helps to have the volume turned up - DUH. Am having issues with my iPod though - last week it worked like a charm - got some music on it - and after spending hours putting music on iTunes I wanted to 'sync' it with my iPod - but for some strange reason my computer is not 'recognizing' my iPod - will take it with me to Sharon's today and see if her computer will recognize it - then I will know if it is the computer or the iPod - what a hassle. But at least I can now get lots of music for in the house - one reason I spend too much time in front of the TV is because I like to have 'noise' and my CD player will only play 3 CD's at a time - now I can play my music from iTunes - there are 469 songs - enough to last for 1.4 days - so it will be like listening to the radio - quite a collection - thanks to Sharon. I need to get busy and put more of my CD's on - and then at least I do not have to use the CD's and they will not get 'scratched'. Sharon arrived around 1:00 or so - and we sat outside for a couple of hours - sure is nice that the weather cooperates - although today we are back to winter - overcast and windy - shutters are banging around in the wind. Aymn called me - wanted me to get online - told him I was busy and made a date for around 7. Sharon and I had 'lunch' around 4 - had cream of broccoli soup and eggplant parmesan. We had a good visit and then Aymn showed up at around 6 - he got on early to visit with Ahmed (his son) but the kid did not show up - so I was next on his hit list - oh well - Sharon went home and we managed to 'visit' for about 1.75 hours before I lost the internet. He is upset with me because when I chatted with him on Thursday I told him that I would no longer contact him - because I felt that I was bothering him - as every time I made contact with him he could only chat for a bit before he had to leave for this or that. I then played solitaire for a bit and then the internet came back - had tried to call the guy but he is still not taking my calls - go figure - anyhow - when it came back I was able to chat with my mom for a bit before she had to head off to make lunch for dad. I finally got off the computer around 10:30 - solitaire is so addictive - keep playing hoping I will win a game - and then I did up the lunch dishes - I am so proud of myself - I even managed to get all the dishes put away - they usually reside in the sink draining - until I need to use them again - but yesterday I got them all put away - the only lunch dishes that need to be put away are the utensils and the loaf pan from the banana bread. I have an over the sink dish drainer where the dishes are put to dry - and they live there until I need them again - I do like that 'technology' - although it does eliminate a window - and at first I was quite frequently bonking my head as I was not used to having a cupboard above the sink and it sticks out quite far. After that I put the laundry away - had taken it to the bedroom and dumped it on the bed - surefire way of getting it put away - and then I vacuumed and put the vacuum away - such a good housewife - LOL. Am reading a book called "Three cups of Tea" - it is about a man from the states that is building schools in Afghanistan three cups of tea at a time - he is not wealthy - he is a nurse - while trying to climb K2 he got 'lost' on his way back and found this village where there was no school - they had to share a teacher with the nearest village and when the teacher was not there the kids would be working hard on the work that was left them - no school - sitting outside - using sticks and the dirt to do their math work - it really made an impression - I am just at the beginning - so after my shower I curled up and read for a bit. Am hoping now that I have the computer working for music that I will spend less time watching TV and more time reading or doing other things. Yesterday I had the TV on for maybe 10 minutes. Was great.

Today my plan is to head to Sharon's for another 'Goddess' workout - actually more like a klutz of the year workout - sure is chagrining to find out how uncoordinated I am - although I am hoping that with practice I will become more coordinated. Then I may go for a walk - depending on how things go an the time - although time should not be a factor as I am a lady of leisure - have found that being a lady of leisure means that I do less and less - because there is always tomorrow. And there is really no reason that I could not go for a walk at any time of the day - I do not HAVE to do it first thing in the morning - just used to getting my exercise before the day really gets started.


Lynn said...

That Three Cups of Tea book sounds great. I will have to see if it's in the public library here.

I would REALLY love to learn how to belly dance. I hope you can give me a few lessons the next time you are back in Canada. That would be fun! : D

Southern Gal said...


I was in Barnes & Noble looking for a book. I happened to see
" Three cups of Tea." I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rhonda said...

Been thinking a lot about you lately. Need to have a good chat. Enjoying your journaling and hope you conquer the belly dance thing!

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

I LOVED Three Cups of Tea! It was so inspiring. WHen the author came to Seattle to speak about the book (he had 3 appearances around town), we were turned away along with a few hundred others. So many people were equally touched by it.

I've been taking a belly dance class here 4 times/week. It has really changed the shape of my body in 6 weeks, but it is HARD WORK!