Sunday, March 29, 2009

Got up today around 6 - had the last of my strawberries -SIGH - and then had breakfast - went for a walk with Suzanne around 8:00 - on the way home we stopped at the phone company - wanted to pay the phone bill - but they refused to take my money because the due date is not until April 1 - first time in my life that a company refused to take money because it was early - just gotta love Egypt.

Came home and did a bit of work in the rose garden - arms look like I tangled with a cat - but I am slowly working my way through it - although will lkely run into a problem once I get to the sweetpea jungle - as I cannot see what is under there - so I will wait until it is finished and then root around in there. I am busy pruning the roses bushes - likely the wrong time to be doing it - but tough - it is the only way I can get at the weeds - by wacking down the roses. I should have taken a picture of the garden before I started so one could see the improvement - oh well - next time. Still have not run across any black worms that are coming from my garden.

Had my shower and sat outside and read a bit. Did some hand sewing on my new wrap dresses. The dressmaker used my snaps - but I have found that the fabric that the snaps is on needs to be reinforced so I was busy reinforcing all of them - have a couple more snaps on one of the dresses - then just two more and I will be done - love make work projects. Put sunscreen on - but still got some colour - so I am going to have to be a lot more careful - obviously the sun is getting stronger - like I didn't already know that - but ....

Made myself a taco salad for my lunch - have lots of romaine lettuce - got 3 heads of it last Tuesday for the princely sum of 1 LE - that is about 20 cents. Really great price - but there is only so much lettuce this one person can eat - but I am working my way through it.

Not a lot more to report - chatting with mom online now - then I will likely head to bed early - must admit getting up so early makes for early nights.

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Lynn said...

WOW! Your arms are going to be all scared up! Sounds like it's been a hard job with that garden. But I bet your rose bushes are beautiful! I tried a couple of times to grow them in our yard, but alas they kept dying on me. *sigh*

Why did you buy Sheep meat, marinade it and then cook it but not eat it?? Were you just trying it out? Or did you tell them that you would cook it for them?

I like lamb chops, but I don't care for the rest of it either.