Monday, March 02, 2009

Just for you I had quite an adventurous day today (Monday - could not post yesterday as my internet was being temperamental). Sharon and I went to club and as usual parking was at a premium - in fact worse than usual as they are building an apartment building in the same block as AWA - so I parked in my 'normal' spot - and when we got back to the car it was booted. I did not freak out - tried to call Aymn - but he was not in a service area - phoned Suzanne and hung up before she picked up. Went to a shop on the street where the car was and asked where I had to go to make arrangements to free my car. They told me Sidi Gabr - so Sharon and I caught a taxi and went to the police station in Sidi Gabr - to find out that I needed the Traffic Police in Sidi Gabr - about half way to where the car was. An older gentleman came with us to the right place - and they asked for my license and registration - both of which were in the car - so they wanted me to go back to the car and bring the papers with me -there was a young man there whose English was very good - so he let them know that I was not keen on all this trekking back and forth - and he and a police officer (who had the 'key' to unlock my car) came with us in the taxi - wish I could have taken a pic - but picture this - a little Lada car - and they are small - with 3 guys sitting in the front - the driver - the doctor (who was our translator) and the police officer. We got back to the car and the officer took the boot off in exchange for the license and registration. We put the boot in the trunk of the car and headed off to the doctor's car - he was about 5 minutes from where I was parked - we dropped he and the officer off at his booted car - and headed back to the police station. Got the boot out of the car and they asked where it had been - told them on my car - they then wanted to know where the officer was - told them he was on his way back. And he and the doctor showed up quite promptly. I paid the 75LE find - signed my name - and they wanted to know if I could sign in Arabic - told them no as I do not even speak Arabic let alone read and/or write it. Anyhow - after I got my change and I was told that I was finished and could leave - I thanked them - I was smiling and laughing the whole time - they were very surprised. Most people are not at all happy - but hey they were doing their job - and I should not have parked where I did - minor detail that I had parked there twice and had no problem - oh well - life is an adventure. I am so proud of myself that I got myself out of the mess with no help from anyone and I did not lose my cool either.

My car with her new jewellery on - SIGH.

After we finished with this adventure we went to San Stefano Mall for lunch - we missed the 'gang' but we had lunch - then wandered over to Metro (a grocery store that carries a lot of western products - but is very pricey) to see if they had any marshmallows and some tea that Sharon is looking for - but they did not have either. I bought some hamburger buns - took hamburger out of the freezer this morning - will season it and barbecue it tomorrow. Also bought some caraway tea - one of the women from AWA said that she drinks it to alleviate heartburn - Aymn frequently suffers from heartburn - and I have never tried it - so ... just bought a small box.

Made it back home in one piece - and when I got to my door an envelope from my mom was resting on the door knob - she had sent me my new VISA card - so glad it arrived safely. Now just need to get her to activate it and let me know what my PIN is. Not that I think I will need the PIN here - but I gather when I get back to Canada I will.

Weather has much improved - was quite sunny all day and not very windy at all. So I am hoping that winter has finished. Time will tell.


Lynn said...

Oh my word Maureen! Do you ever get into predicaments!!! Good for you for laughing through it all....I would have been freaking out! Looks like you are truly getting use to things over there and how they work. I am totally impressed.

YAY! for moms who send VISA cards! That will be SO nice to have in emergencies so you don't have to go without each month until more money arrives. That makes me feel a WHOLE lot better about things for you. Sheesh!.....DO you think I sound like a mom now? *wink*

Rhonda said...

Be careful what you wish for! Winter to Spring and then quickly here comes the heat! It has been so cold here, but due to warm up! So glad you had a good confidence booster! Take care !

Southern Gal said...

I'm glad you got your visa card. That added comfort in knowing, you have your own security at your disposal.

on the edge said...

Am so proud of you !!!!! If it had been me I would have been in tears ( of course what else ? ) and found some man to take care of it for me . I am lazy . I like the sound of that credit card though ! Let me know when you want to go shopping , lo !