Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today was a mish mash - did a little bit of a lot.

Got up bright and early - had my fruit - chatted with my mom - means she can have a leisurely Sunday breakfast without rushing to meet me in the morning - my evening. It sure is great to be able to keep in touch this way - the blessings of the internet. Chatted with Aymn for a bit as well. Still no idea when he will be back - it was five days, then four, now no idea.

Did two loads of laundry - had a third in the washer when I headed out to pick up Sharon to head to Carrefour and Fathalla - also took Suzanne with us. Did not buy a lot - but got a few things that I needed/wanted.

Got home around 12:30 - got home - and finished the 3rd load of laundry - my quilt. Sat outside for a bit - enjoying the sun. Caught a 10 minute snooze. Got up and actually did some gardening - did a bit of weeding and wacked at the rose bushes - likely not the right time - but they need to be pruned desperately - and no way do I want Aymn going at them. One of the volunteer sweet peas has really run amok - was working near it - sure does smell nice - reminds me of spring in Canada. Will take a pic of the monster bush tomorrow.

Came in and made my bed - had washed the bed linens. Put away the groceries that need refrigerating or freezing.

Then went outside again and swept up part of the balcony - I could have quite the beach if I wanted to - but I just throw the sand out - do not think it is good enough for the garden. Now I need to throw out the garbage from the garden. I am sure that when I go out tomorrow the balcony will look as if I did not touch it - but I know I did some of it. Certainly is a challenge to keep up with it - a challenge I do not manage to keep.

And that was my day in a nutshell - such a thrilling day I had - can hardly stand the excitement. LOL.

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Lynn said...

What DO you do with all that sand that collects on your balcony? Just throw it over the side??

Looks like you've got a great washer over there to wash a quilt. My washer is TOO small to wash quilts. I have to take them to a dry cleaner. : ( With the money I've spent on dry-cleaning quilts, I probably could of bought a bigger washing machine by now. LOL!