Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yesterday was a wonderful day - not quite - but hey I am working on it. The weather was fantastic - spent time outside reading and sitting in the sun - my tan is coming along quite nicely - the front of me anyhow - the back of me is still pastey white - do not have a lounger - and laying on the 'ground' - concrete topped with ceramic tile - is a tad hard on the body - besides getting down is easy enough but getting back up now that is another story altogether. I had made hamburger patties the night before - so I invited Sharon over and I fired up the barbecue and we had homemade barbecued hamburgers with all the fixings - was a bag girl and made homemade chips as well.

Only drawback was that my water pump did not work - ARGH. I really do not like not having water. It was not all that bad - I had water - a trickle - but no hot water - now that is not good. Dishes piled up - because unlike the locals I just CANNOT wash my dishes in cold water. Phoned Suzanne around 11 in the morning and she said that Mahmood would get someone when he got home from school - finally at 8:30 p.m. Aymn called the plumber and around 9 he showed up - do not know what the problem was - but it did not cost me anything to have it working again - good thing as it was the same guy that I paid 20 LE to to fix it 1.5 weeks ago. Still cycles occasionally - which bothers me as I do not think it is 'good' for the pump - but the plumber disagrees. So finally at 9:30 p.m. I had hot water again - YEAH - could have a shower - must admit I do not like going without my showers. While we were out in the sun I watered the potted plants - the 'garden' did not yet need it and besides it would have taken me hours with the trickle of water to get it wet. I will water again on Thursday - as I am leaving on Friday to Ain Sokhna for a few days.

Today Sharon and I are going shopping for our trip to Sokhna - she is joining me on this trek - actually it is because of her that we are going - she has never been and as she is heading stateside soon Margaret wanted her to come for a visit. While we are out shopping we may take in a movie - we shall see.

Wish I could take a picture of the wonderful weather we are having - and yes I know - 'spring' here is very shortlived and very soon we will be complaining about the heat - but I am enjoying the weather we have now.

And to top it off my mom has activated my new VISA card - so watch out - shop shop shop. LOL. Not really - but I am glad to have it and have it ready to go.

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Lynn said...

LOL! Well, it looks like life continues to keep you busy with the ups and downs. I don't know what i'd do without hot water either. Can't live without it.

HAve fun on your trip! Don't forget your camera. *wink*