Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Has been a 'busy' few days.

Monday I went to AWA - took a taxi - must admit that while getting the taxi is a bit of a hassle - parking is such a breeze - get out and off he goes. No more fancy jewellery for my car. After AWA we headed to San Stefano for lunch - had a good time visiting - always nice to get out of the house and meet up with women who 'get' where you are coming from. Came home and started weeding in the garden - must admit the rose garden was a disaster - looking much better now - although the sweetpea jungle has taken over - so cannot really finish it off - as there is no way I am rooting through the jungle in search of weeds to come upon roses. I also watered the gardens - worked at making sure I did not overflow the potted plants so the water would not end up on the furniture on the sidewalk below.

Yesterday - started with a walk - we (Suzanne and I) actually got off to an early start - we were out there by 7 a.m. then I spent more time in the rose garden - came out of it looking as if I had been in a battle - blood all over my arms. Finally had to give up and actually stand in the garden - not may favourite pasttime - but there is just no way I can reach the back of the garden without crawling into it - not a good idea with the rose bushes - or standing in it - I have basically done as much as I can until the sweetpea jungle is done for the season. I then started puttsing in the next garden - worked at getting the long grass that is going to seed - next is the little plants that I consider weeds - they are harder to get at - but I will win - and when I pull weeds - I endeavour to get as much of the root as possible meaning it takes me longer to weed - but it stays weed free longer as well. I fired up the barbecue and cooked up the sheep meat I had started marinading on Friday - took the cooked meat down to Suzanne and family - I just could not eat it. So after I finished cooking the sheep meat I cooked myself some wieners - I do like barbecued wienies.

Today - went for a walk - Mawada joined us. And on the way home I went to pay my phone bill - what an exercise that is. There are 3 windows - 2 of them are for men and one for women - well the women's line had two lines - one with women and one with men - I just do not get the inability to stand in line and wait your turn - everybody is more important than you are - and it is especially true of the men - you really have to be assertive or you will wait forever - good manners do not exist here when it comes to line ups. Did not take all that long - but you sure do have to be pushy - something I have learned - not something I am comfortable with though. So the phone bill is paid and I ran into Ahmed (door man) and paid him - I usually pay him 65 LE - 35 for the elevator and for him taking out the trash and delivering bread - and then 30 for looking after the car - but since the car is not around I only gave him 50 - he was not happy - but I think it is more than fair. Anyhow - now I have about 45 LE left until Aymn either arrives or sends me this month's allowance. Must admit I do not like this tussle to get the money - I think he should just get it to me on the first of the month - no matter what - but that has yet to happen. And while I had my own money and was not completely dependant on his contribution - it did not really bother me - but now that I am completely dependant on his money - it irks me no end. The plan for today is to spend more time working in the garden - but that my just change - may just take a break today. Time will tell.

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on the edge said...

I LOVE wienies !LOL ! Why didn't you eat the BBQ mutton ? sounds like you have a jungle growing out there ,lol ! When are you getting your car back and please forgive me for being so personal , but what happened to your money ? Take care girl !