Sunday, April 05, 2009

WHEW - it is 7:05 a.m. and I am back from my walk. Last night Suzanne decided we would go at 5:30 - and of course she was not ready - but only took her 15 minutes and we were hitting the pavement.

Yesterday we left at 8 and after about 20 minutes she asked if we could walk to the bank in Mandara (the bank that Dad and I walked to when they were here) - takes about 45 minutes - she wanted to get some money for Mom. So we walked there - she said we would take a micro bus back - we got to the bank and she used the ATM - and there was no money in Mom's account. OOPS. Anyhow - we ended up walking back - which was fine by me - the more walking the better - only request I would have would be to start out earlier - walking in the sun is not my idea of fun. Before I headed out yesterday - having gotten out of bed by 6 - I had stripped my bed, washed the bedding, and it was hanging on the line, had my fruit, then an hour later my breakfast, had even done up the dishes that had been malingering around. After I got back from my walk I did up the breakfast dishes - did a small load - wanted to wash the outer clothes I had been wearing as they were drenched. I also downed 2 litres of water in very short order. Now if only I could figure out some way of sweating out the fat instead of just the water I would be doing really well. Had plans of doing a bit more around the house - but had two phone calls that took up 2 hours of my time - I really need a cordless phone. One of the calls was on my cell phone so I could wander around and do a few things - but the longer call was on the house phone and I am tied to one spot - and I find after sitting for that long - for some reason my get up and go had deserted me - go figure.

Yesterday was a great day - lots of sun - I sat outside and cooled down and read a bit - before I did the second load of laundry. After I showered and dressed I sat outside again - but I am being good now - sat in the shade. It was very warm yesterday and did not cool off much at night - woke up this morning with damp hair - time to take the blanket off the bed - although I may just fold it down at the end of the bed - because it can still get cool again.

This morning was very smoky - looks like it may be a nice day - although there are clouds - which may burn off once the sun gets high enough.

Heard from Aymn yesterday - he had not contacted me on Friday because he did not have good news - like waiting a day changes it. He will not be home anytime soon - has yet to sell the car or send any copper. The two trucks that he spent 5 weeks waiting for - left Libya without taking any copper - after saying they would. So he is now waiting for another truck. So another 5 or 6 weeks. He says it will only be another week - but I have been hearing that for a couple of months - so colour me skeptical.

Will do another load of laundry today - will wash my bath towel and a few other things. Must admit I do enjoy hanging my clothes outside to dry - most of the western women miss their dryer - but I like hanging the clothes outside.

Anyway that is my oh so exciting life in a nutshell.

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Lynn said...

It sounds like it's getting hotter and hotter over there. I am having a tuff time remembering heat. LOL!

However, I DO relate to hanging things up to dry. It feels so good to do that with our clothes. THere is just something about clothes dried in the sun. : D