Thursday, April 09, 2009

Today I got to sleep in - until 6 a.m. instead of getting up at 4:45 a.m. to go for a walk - managed to walk for five days - must admit as the week progressed the distance and speed diminished - but we hung in there and accomplished the goal of walking for an hour. Although I am none to keen on getting up at 4:45 a.m. - must admit it sure beats walking in the heat -we are usually home by 6:45 at the latest - unless we walk to Mandara - but I think that will be a one time only deal - before the sun gets too high.

After I got up I had my shower, got laundry started, checked my email, vacuumed (even moved furniture), dusted, did dishes, cleared off the dining room table (tends to be a catch all - being right at the front door) and then dusted the table, had breakfast, have done four loads of laundry and it is even all dried and put away, and then last but not least I vacuumed and dusted my bedroom - I even watered the garden and then got a knock on the door telling me that water was dripping - like I can do anything about it once I have watered - figured it would happen today - got a little overzealous watering one of the pots and water went all over the place - I just hope the water did not drip out of the drain spout that comes from the rose garden - that water then ends up on people's clean clothes - if they have any hanging outside - SIGH. I even got ambitious and swept part of the balcony - right by the doors that I use the most - in the hopes that maybe I will not track in nearly as much dirt when I am going in and out.
Last Tuesday I got busy and made my pinwheels - invited Sharon over for lunch - and we had the pinwheels and made chocolate pudding cake - pinwheels turned out really well - there was not much pudding in the chocolate pudding cake - not sure if it was because I baked it for too long or if I need to put more water in it. Oh well - such is life - tasted good anyhow. Took a picture of the pinwheels and uploaded it.

Pinwheels - used to have them when I was a kid - has been ages since I had these

Not much going on in my little world of make believe - after many false starts - I finally got my household money today. What a hassle. Ended up with one of Aymn's uncles going to Manshaya and getting the money - he then dropped it off at Suzanne's as he does not know where I live - and Mr. Sadee told him to leave it with them - guess he was not keen - as Aymn had told him to give me the money - Mr. Sadee explained that I live on the 14th floor - same building - and chances were that I would already be asleep - of course I stayed up late waiting for him to come - gave up at 10 - after figuring out that he would not likely come to my place but would choose to leave it with Suzanne. This uncle drives taxi so he was out and about anyhow - must say I do appreciate that he went to Manshaya and brought the money to me. Aymn was not a happy camper - he had asked Mr. Sadee to go and get it and he had said sure - then did not go get it - then Aymn wanted me to take a bus and go to Manshaya - told him I would not go (have to work at not feeling guilty saying no) - then he had me phone Suzanne and get the uncle's mobile number and I messaged him with the number - and then he phoned the uncle and asked him if he could go get the money. Amazing - he gets shirty with me because I do not do what he wants me to - and yet I am not supposed to get upset when he does the opposite of what I ask him to do - go figure. Anyhow - long story short - finally got the money for the month.

Today I got the water bill - less than 20 LE ($4 CAN) for at least six months - and I use a lot of water because of the garden. Must ask Suzanne how much her bill was for.

And that is my life in a nutshell - do not really expect Aymn to return until next month - if then. Must admit this is certainly giving me a lot of food for thought.

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Lynn said...

Another month gone?? I really don't know if I could do that. Kuddos to you. I am happy to know that you got your money again finally.

Phew! You've been busy! Your place sounds VERY clean and tidy now.

What are pinwheels made of? I tried to tell from the picture, but I am only guessing. Is that meat of some sort? WHat are the green things? ANd is that whole wheat bread dough? Please post your recipe. OR is it a family secret? : D