Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today was a 'good' day - got a few things done this morning - cleaned out the litter boxes - YUCK - one reason why I do not want to own a cat - plus the fact that I travel so much would certainly not be fair to the animal.  Did up the dishes - made a batch of quinoa porridge - was really good - will be eating it for breakfast - as I have said I am not really much of a warm cereal person - but it sure does hit the spot these days - it is a tad on the cool side.

Got to work on time - as usual - and there were five boxes of RTS to be done - and they were all done by 5:30 this afternoon - and the GM left and I followed him out the door - after I finish the RTS there is NOTHING else for me to do - so I got home 30 minutes early - nice treat.

Got home and there is a message - Marian did not leave until after four this afternoon - late as usual - oh well - she is the one who does not get enough sleep - and that is something I just do not understand - her job requires her to be alert but she keeps pushing the envelope.  She seems to 'refuse' to get enough sleep - oh well she is an adult.

So I will be heading to bed around 8 - have my nice hot shower and curl up in bed for a bit with a book I am reading - am trying to get up earlier in the morning - so that maybe I can start going for a bit of a walk in the morning.  Not any marathon - but a short walk to start out with and see how it goes.

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