Sunday, September 05, 2010

It has been a very quiet day here - Marian left yesterday for her holidays - she is heading out to BC to visit the folks. She will be gone for two weeks - what will I do??? Today I tidied up the kitchen - turfed a few things - Marian will not likely be happy - but I warned her. She had a sunshine iced tea jar - and the spigot leaked - she wanted to get it fixed - told her she had 3 weeks to look after it - after that I would deal with it - as in throw it out - that was 6 weeks ago - so today I turfed it - shhhhh don't tell her - see if she notices. She took two of the cats with her - leaving Tiger and Snookums with me - and right now Tiger has woken up and is sitting on the desk top - 'helping' me type -not sure what she wants - she is not a particularly cuddly cat - but .... bet she wants food - seems to be a constant in their lives - every time you head to the stairs they beat you to it - to their food dishes in the hopes that they will be fed - good luck on that one. She wants her head scratched - does love that. And just stepped on the enter key - so lots of lines put in. Weather was not bad today - mostly sunny - but the clouds have rolled in now - they are promising rain tomorrow and Monday - so much for the long weekend - but why am I not surprised.

Work is as usual - although one of the supervisors informed me that they are considering making the position a permanent part time one - the one I have been doing - and as I have been doing the job for a month or so - seems like forever - I will get first crack at the cat - so to speak. Hmmm - do I want to go from temporary to permanent part time - not sure - decisions, decisions. Have decided to speak to HR and get a bit of background info regarding the difference in the two - and not worry overly much about it - after all this is the post office - will not worry until I hear for sure they are going to do something.

Maybe tomorrow I will play around with the camera and see about uploading some pics - not making any promises but will certainly think about it.

Finally heard from Ayman - had talked with him briefly on Monday - he had his knickers in a knot because I had not called him - so Tuesday I went and bought some phone cards - and tried to call him Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - phones were off - very unlike him - his phones are rarely off because he has to be in contact with drivers - was getting very worried - but turns out he was in an area that has really bad signals - so no phone signals - hmmm - do I believe him - or was he getting back at me - a common Egyptian practice. One shows one's displeasure by not answering phone calls from the person who has pissed you off - he has done this to me before - but man does he get irate when I do it to him. Last time I did it - he was really incensed - told him I thought it was the Egyptian custom - to ignore phone calls when you are upset with the person - as he had done this to me - and he is always telling me that I do not understand the Egyptian customs - so ..... he told me he did not like it when I did this to him - told him I did not like it when he does it to me - so ...... I had called him at 5 a.m. this morning - and his phone actually rang - so I came downstairs and got a phone card and called him and then he did not answer - ARGH - he says he was in the mosque when I called. Said he would try to get to a cybernet after iftar - no call - so I guess the cybernet was not there or not open. Must admit I do not like not being able to keep in touch with him - worries me when he is unavailable.

Not much else to report - things are pretty quiet on the northern front.

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Yes, Pictures please. Sir Tootous is still waiting