Saturday, September 18, 2010

Managed to 'sleep in' until 7:00 - not that I was sleeping - but sure is nice to be able to laze around.  Got up - had my shower - got dressed - phoned my favourite cuzzy - you are AWESOME - but before I did that I got the first load of laundry in the washing machine.  Woke up to fog - had sort of hoped it would be a nice day so I could hang the clothes outside - but no such luck - fog has burned off - sun is weakly shining now  but the clouds do not look very promising - so first load of laundry is in the dryer - keeping my fingers crossed that it will work for me - seems to take it into its head to not work every once in a while - used it last weekend and it worked - took a long time to dry the clothes - but hey I have lots of time.

Spent some time on the web last night - looking at job opportunities here in Fort McMurray - sure are some nice jobs - great pay - wish I knew the trick to getting me one of them thar cushy jobs.  One of them really piqued my interest - it is working for the Municipality - excellent salary - only one year - soooo - now I am debating about applying for it and seeing where it leads - have applied for lots of jobs with the Municipality - but never heard boo from them.  It is a junior position - but I don't really care - salary is awesome.  Yesterday while I was at Safeway I filled out an application - they had postings saying they were looking for cashiers and a courtesy clerk - so ... filled out the application - will have to see where that leads.  Hope if I get the job it can be worked around my job at the post office.    Do not want to give up the post office until such time as I find a full time job that pays as much if not more.

Today was a 'porridge' kind of day - and I am not a porridge fan.  I had purchased some quinoa flakes - decided to make them up - doctored them with cinnamon, buckwheat honey, raisins and cut up a date - it was very good.  May have to look at buying some more - or just using the quinoa - some of the recipes I saw online made the porridge with the regular quinoa - which would be fine - could make up a big batch - and then just warm it up when I want to eat some.  Bet Marian would help me eat it as well.

Ayman is driving me crazy - I know 'tis but a short putt.  He is complaining of testicular pain - but will not see a doctor.  He was going to go Saturday night (Egypt time is 9 hours ahead of us so it gets confusing) - but instead he headed to Cairo to sell some copper.  And he was planning on heading to Libya on Sunday - but now he is planning on leaving Saturday night - because there is a driver unloading his load in Tripoli and Ayman is planning on shipping some copper back with him - ARGH.  His ability to procrastinate drives me nuts - I am the one who pushes to get things done - NOW - not later - he is always saying we can do it later - but I have learned later rarely comes - unless it has to do with his business.  When I wanted to renew my passport - told him that before he headed to Libya we had to go to Cairo to start the process - he wanted to leave it until he came back the next time - but I INSISTED that it be done - so he actually had to delay his travel plans to Libya - I am such a beyotch - but if I had waited I would have been running around with an expired passport - not my idea of a good thing.  I ended up having to drive into Cairo with Sharon to go get it - good thing I usually pay attention when Ayman is driving - the area where the embassies and consulates are is in the downtown area of Cairo - it is a disaster - full of dead ends and one way streets - and of course no parking - but I found the place and got the passport - Ayman had made arrangements with his friend to drive me - but did not hear from him so went on my own - danged independent wife he has.  I have just about always been good about doing things now instead of later - well maybe not so great with the dishes - but for 'important' things I like to get them done now so that I do not have to worry about them.

Before I left Egypt they were making noises that they were going to be instituting property tax - so everybody had to register their property - well the backlash was ferocious - so there was noise that they would start very slowly - and of course I wanted to register the property - rather than face the chance of being penalized by not getting it done by the deadline - and of course Ayman was all for waiting - but again I pushed and it got done before I left - did not take all that long - actually took longer to drag him out of the house - he just wanted a 20 minute nap - I had already made the bed - so no way - it was all of 9:30 a.m. - he had been up for about 45 minutes - the joys of East and West - well actually the joys of night owl and morning person - guess which one I am.

Need to think of something to eat for lunch - no idea what to make - maybe I will get busy and make some zero point spaghetti sauce, cook up some sausage or smokies, and cook up one of the spaghetti squash I bought (no points), cook up some broccoli and make a salad - hmmmm - sounds like a good meal.  Guess I need to get busy and get started on the spaghetti sauce - usually use canned tomatoes - but will stew up some of the tomatoes I have bought. 

Will endeavour to upload some pictures later today.

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Lynn said...

Sleep in till 7:00! That's what you call sleeping in? HA HA. You amaze me. I am so not a morning person. Sure wish I was. Never was and I don't know if I ever will be. Especially when I just get to bed about 3 hours before 7.