Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a really short post - just got back from the hospital with Marian.  The day she left on her holidays - Sept. 3, she missed the last two steps on the staircase and fell - when she came down she fell on the bulky end of an extension cord - which had been chewed by cats - so had some very sharp edges.  She really did a number on her right leg.  Much concern had been expressed by people.  Today she finally went to the emergency room - at the behest of her chiropractor - and after waiting around for 1.5 hours - she had a five minute exam - and the doctor declared that she did a real number - and that it will take a good six months for it to repair itself - but saw  no signs of cellulitis, breaks or cracks - so she has a very nasty looking leg for the foreseeable future.

On her way home she dropped me at the depot - asked her to wait - went in - there was all of 1.5 boxes of mail to do - so checked with the supervisor - will go in tomorrow to do the work that shows up tomorrow as well as the work that was there today - figured it was not worth having to pay for bus fare to work for an hour.  May as well pay for bus fare for a couple of hours - and the supervisor agreed that there was not much need for me to stay.  So I am at home for the afternoon - going to keep myself busy doing some cross stitch.

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