Friday, September 24, 2010

My poor little feetsies - they are soooo sore.  Got up this morning at 5:15 a.m. or thereabouts - had my shower - came downstairs - fed the cats - fired up the computer - and the phone rang - it was 5:45 a.m. - hmmm - wonder who that could be - I answered and was asked if I could be at work by 6:30 - said no - because the bus cannot get me there until 6:45 or thereabouts - said fine - Jim phoned in sick - so do I know how to do all the work he does - DUH - no - only training I have had has been on RTS - but I can turn the machine on - OK - we will find someone to help you figure it out.  Really bad when the supervisors have no clue how to do the work - I think they should all be trained on the jobs - so that if push comes to shove they can train someone else to do it in a pinch - but what do I know.  The supervisor that is there these days was waiting for Jim to call to give me help - hmmm - he phoned in sick - end result was that I was trained by a letter carrier who had done the job a few years ago - so she got pulled off her route to train me - and then she went home - got paid for the full day worked for 2 hours - maybe.  Anyhow - I can now see why Jim has little time for the RTS mail.  The time it takes to redirect all the mail that has change of addresses in is quite mind boggling.  And then on top of that he is responsible for posting the new changes of addresses.  I learned how to do all of the jobs he does.  Big supervisor - Fay - was over for a supervisors meeting - told me that I was to report in at 6:30 tomorrow morning because Jim would likely still be out sick - and if he shows up - well then he can spend the day training me - hmmmm - seems kind of like putting the cart before the horse - I already know how to do all the job - but now they will train me.  Oh well - I will get paid for a full day - so I will take it.  One of the letter carriers - as I was leaving - I stopped to talk with one that works later than the rest - and she commented that I was leaving early - said yup - started at 6:30 - so no way was I staying and working until 6 - another letter carrier commented - why not - you are not a postal employee - and I said yes I am - I am temporary - she said then you could be a letter carrier - said yes that was what I was hired to do - but have been catching up on the RTS rather than stay at home doing nothing.  People are interesting.  Guess I could have stayed - but then the union would have had a kitten fit - OT and all that - besides I was beat - did not have time to pack a lunch or anything - and my breakfast was 1/2 cup of quinoa porridge - did not last all day - tummy grumbled a bit around 10 - I ignored it - it quit.  I had 5 plums in my back pack - ate them on the way home. 

Marian and I had planned on going grocery shopping today - so she went out and got a few things - not sure what all she got - but she also bought some sushi - so I had sushi when I got him - mmmmm good.  I am determined to burn my nostril hairs - the wasabi is hot - but so good.  I think I am going to go up and put my feet up for a bit - tonight I am supposed to deliver flyers - YAY.  So looking forward to that - my feet are protesting already.

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Lynn said...

Between you and your sister, there is a lot of sore feet going on! ; D Hope you both feel better soon.

Looks like you might change things up there quite a bit at work. Can't believe that NO one else is knowledgeable on the job that Jim does. That's crazy! What if he was hit by a bus tomorrow?
They are lucky to have you.